Diary of a new chaos magician

Hello world I’m so new to this world recently I’ve got a message from @Lady_Eva in there I found a very good post about consegrating sigils, so after an extensive reading I decided to post this journal so I can share my experiences. So today I want to share my consegrating experience as I created a sigil to remember what I read I did the procedure described on the post and saw a very white light around the sigil it was almost magical so I feel quite proud of myself , also I want to state that I used a witch sigil wheel to create it :slight_smile: I’m also posting the sigil “Yo recuerdo todo lo que leo” that means I remember all I read


Changed your title from Dairy (milk product) to diary (journal). Sorry if it was wordplay or something


Thanks sir, sorry for my bad English it’s not my mother tongue :stuck_out_tongue:


No problem

Thank you for sharing your experience! I am most interested in hearing about the experiences of other magicians at the moment.

Cool sigil! I like the design a lot

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Again I am here to tell the newest of the stories right now im at the hospital where my grandma is hospitalized, I want to state that she was very sick of the stomach, in the morning I was so desperate and sad then something came through my mind someone that could help me an Archangel his name Raphael, I found the invocation as well as the sigil here in the forum, with all my heart I draw the sigil on my notebook as well as the invocation, I consecrated the sigil and begin praying suddenly I felt this powerful energy rush through my body and my left arm felt like burning as well as my right leg then I felt something I prayed him with all my heart to take care of my grandma and heal her, I just want to say I’m so thankful because I’m here at the hospital and it seems my grandma is stable now and feeling better every second that passes seriously thank you Archangel Raphael for everything. Here is the sigil I used:


Great result! :+1:

This may also help:

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Hello again I thinks it is time to make a new update I’ve been working with sigils 2 of them that one of the members of the forum made one of those specially made as a request of me, I want to say that I can sense them even when I’m about to sleep as they are my followers even right now while I’m writing this I sense them staying still floating behind me , this might be like the actual state of my magickal power right now, but there’s something else, I want to state that I live in Mexico and right now while I’m writing this it’s 9:45 in the morning yesterday night I’ve got visited, when I was waiting to fall asleep I started thinking about the archangel Raphael let’s just say I was kind of depressed and needed to talk to someone then in my mind appeared it’s sigil and I started chanting his name and something around 3 am happened I was just meditating because I couldn’t sleep and then a white light possed on my third eye it wasn’t only a white light it was also warm and gentle I somehow I knew it was Raphael, I kind of saw the shape of his wings so I thank him because he was there and started talking with him, as I told him how I was kind of sad because I needed a better job so I could gave my family a better life and I could stop worrying about money, anyway when I stop talking the only thing I can clearly remember him saying was: “don’t worry I’ve got you covered” as my image of him started vanishing I felt great peace.