I want to share with you a potent rite which I have just performed

Let me begin by saying that there was a falling star last night above my house. It was bright, and came to illuminate the sky like a lightning strike when the meteor exploded midair.

I was reminded of the fall of the hosts of heaven from the bible. How hast thou fallen, indeed. I took this as an omen of power to begin to answer a question which has haunted me for most of my occult career.

I have met Satan. I know he is real. I have evoked the Crowned Prince of the Southern Fire many times. These experiences raised in me a substantial doubt that this being is the same one that the bible calls “Diabolos” who is the god of this earth, the great dragon. I want to meet this spirit. I want to meet the dragon. I want to meet the real Diabolos.

And I knew this fiery, falling star was the opening of the way.

I made a circumscribed triangle in salt, and sat within. I lit the black candles, and allowed the thurible to smoke up.

I built a fire, and asperged around it with water. I cut my arm and chest to allow the blood to flow, then I lit the fire.

I made my incantation: Come Diabolos! Come Great Dragon! Come Dragon God of the Earth! Come Diabolos!

I felt nothing until the fire had wholly died away. Then, I felt myself fall into an altered state. I gazed deep into the dark night sky as I fell into the depths of the earth. I was being stretched between the ground and the sky.

“I am he,” called the voice in my head. “I am Diabolos.” I could perceive him existing just outside of that which I could see with my eyes. His form was a dragon’s skull, with twisted rams horns. This force was old and strong, but it was intimate and familiar. It was as if it was the very force of human life.

I asked him for a sign by which to know and call him. I saw in my inner vision a bowl form below the skull. Then, it caught fire. I believe this to mean that sacrifice is the only sigil which calls Diabolos.

I asked him at that moment if we would depart each other in peace. He was silent for a moment, mulling it over. I wasn’t sure what I would do if he decided to put up a fight. Finally, he agreed.

I light my pipe to retract. Everything is quiet. Only the sweet tobacco smoke of my pipe and the few remaining vapors from the dying thurible remain in the air. I am forced to reflect on meeting the ancient dragon god of the earth.


Sounds like you contacted the Dragon mask of Satan. Never worked with that particular one myself. I focus on The Black Man/Horned God aspect.


The “devil” does not exist.
Demonic Kings like Bael, a.k.a Beelzebub, considered among the strongest in the Goetia, are thought to be the “devil” n Christianity.
You made contact with something, there’s no question about it, but not the so-called “Διάβολος”, my black brother.


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From my experience I would equate Belial to Beelzebub, as well as to all the of the main Olympians (Zeus, Posioden, Hades), a male version of the triple form. Off topic, but just a response to the last post. Sorry for high jacking the thread.

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The Devil is a separate entity from Beelzebub. Satan is his own being.

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Just to let you know my friend:

Diabolos is actually an old Greek word which means “accuser”, and literally it means “thrower”: From “dia” (across) and “ballein” (to throw, thrower).

SO, I am not saying your contact was “fake” or anything. Do not get me wrong. Yes, you did contact something, and yes, you contacted what you had in your mind, in the sense that if you were seeking contact with a massive being that represents darkness, well, you did.

And as Euoi states, he might be a mask of Satan. You will find many times across your magickal path that more often than not you are working with the same entity under assumed names.

So by all means, congrats man! Keep up the good work! Always keep in mind that asking for opinions is dandy, but just because someone tells you that you aren’t right, don’t stop. Just summon him again and see what he does and who he is!

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That’s the only aspect of Satan I’ve worked with.

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