DezRa, Welcome to the path of the Lion *NEW*

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to share my existence with you all, my name is Dezra Elion Popham, I have a weird path in this cycle, I have not known anything of magical or spiritual nature for the most part of my life, or that I could at the time recognize. I had a series of energetic intensities I couldn’t explain at certain stages(ages) of my life in my life leading up to now, I guess you could say are activations from my studies. The two most recent where at the age of twenty-two and the age thirty, this was the point in which I started noticing that I was able to manipulate everything, most importantly that my intentions directly influenced the outcome. My energy levels have always been off the charts, however it was pointed out to me when I met my twin, that I was impacting everything around me in a negative manner unknowingly. I was just in shock when I had my activation where my earth ego met my oversoul, the unexpected/unknown sources of knowledge and the memories from past incarnations it revived. I feel this was stored in my DNA for my protection, it laid dormant until I was free of distraction, and rid of the ignorance that was my ego. The information I have been given access to and the memories that I laid out for myself over the universal timeline for my current embodiment, all the synchronicities, the familiar feelings triggered by seeing certain objects or people, dreams of living in another time/dimension. The memories of who I am, and where I came from, are to perfectly layed all strategically coordinated at pivotal points in my life, so perfect its as if I did it myself in a manner only I would pick up on. It was all just unlocked almost overnight, like a hidden code, now I am 100% focused, and I am distraction-free, and I have spent the last 2 years communicating with the entities known as the Aurora, they are a master builder race, thats is a topic for later discussion. I practice Solar Magic, Egyptian Magic HEKA for protection, projection magic, and recently being guided into ceremonial magic specifically weapons. I worship the sun and the sun behind it, I am familiar with fire is my life, as is the sun who gives all life. I am also a Leonine so I have a cat nature and most definitely walk the path of the Lion. I have a twin flame we have achieved activation. We do practice together occasionally (Kundalini, Violet Flame Work) but with this connection and level of energy, we need space as we are quite the opposite of each other we practice our in our own fashion separately a majority of the time. I am looking to help out where I am needed, or just to watch the different cultures and practices involved, maybe one day I’ll get my moon to bring her darkness this way, it’s intense.

Anyone have similar experiences or want to talk feel free to summon me!

Warm Regard,
:trident:ᑐ ᕮ Ɀ 𐍂 ᐱ :leo:ᕮ ᒪ I ʘ N :dna:ᕈ ʘ ᕈ ᕼ ᐱ M