Devotionals, Offerings, Altar Set Up Tips

Hello All,

I am trying to set up my worship spaces for my favorites but I am having a hard time finding info for some demons. In particular, Rosier and the other love, sexuality, relationship demons.

(Also, could I ask Lucifer for these matters too?)

I would like to know 'personal favorite specifics" like what color candle I should use, their favorite incense or scent, flower, food etc.

Is there a book, blog or another site that lists this information? I need details!

Many thanks in advance!


Well, since that kind of approach is religious, i would Google any of the myriad of demonology blogs on the interwebs, as well as the work of S. Connolly.

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I think the best maybe is to ask them, they’ll find a way to tell you their preferences.

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