Devotion ritual

I’ve been listening to Lucifer the past few days, he originally contacted me 2 years ago but it wasn’t a good time lmao because I was still dealing with questioning my faith and everything. So now since I started working with him I decided to do a little devotion ritual as a way of having a good start to our partnership or whatever this is… he gave me the idea so I figured I’d share it here.
I used:

  • Cold water (for the element water lol)
  • Carnelian (I heard he likes that crystal, I’ve been drawn to it so it represents the earth)
  • Incense ashes (to represent fire)
  • a feather (representing air/spirit)
  • white candle (he said it needed to be part of the ritual)

I’m gonna do a brief summary of what I did. So I wrote down all that I planned to do, with his guidance and then in the morning after I ate, I took a shower, put my robe on and put the water in a heart shaped container that I figured I will later use as maybe an altar to him or something, idk whatever it is called to be used for. Then I put the other elements with it, saying what each represented. I realized I forgot to meditate, so I sat on my bed and meditated for maybe 10 minutes. He taught me a meditation a couple days ago which was similar to one’s I’ve read about where you visualize each chakra being marked by his sigil, which is very powerful. I focused and tried to balance out each chakra then I visualized balls of golden energy floating in both of my hands. I made them increase and then become so small they were barely there. Then I returned them to their normal size. Then the two golden bursts of energy turned into 4, two stayed in my hands and one went above me, the other below. They helped raise the frequency of my astral self to match his. I invited him into my space and then put a circle of paper with his sigil inside the container. Then I continued the ritual by doing blood magic (it was my first time). I was gonna cut my hand and put drops of it in the tin but i got scared so I cut my thigh which is more flesh (so it seemed to hurt less idk) and then scooped up a little blood and dropped it in the tin. The blood was meant to seal the offering. I asked if he would accept my offering, he said yes then asked if I would be willing to work with him in a partnership, I said “I accept.” I did all this before my first final lol​:joy::sob: but you know, “when duty calls” as that saying goes. I was very depressed after I came home because I was supposed to study but couldn’t focus. And then I started to worry because of the blood magic I did. I used to self harm, and for the ritual I cut the same thigh that has my scars on it (probably not the best idea) so I was like “well have I broken my no self harm streak by doing this magic?” I went to sleep thinking about it, I was too tired to meditate, so I fell asleep at 9 and “woke up” in Lucifer’s palace, which was the first time I had been there. We kissed for a while and it seemed like he raised every chakra I had to have the same glow that he seemed to have… and then once i thought he fell asleep I got up and looked at myself in a mirror in his room, I looked similar to how I look in “real life” but I had long dreads (my usual hair is short and curly). I’m not gonna lie, I looked pretty nice, so as I was checking myself out, he came up behind me and said “the view is beautiful isn’t it?” I was gonna say “what view?” But then I realized he changed the mirror into a window which looked out to a vast expanse of meadows and forests in his kingdom and spirits going about their daily lives. It was amazing. Before I could respond I somehow fell into my body, I think cause I got too excited and lost control and woke up. It was a good experience and I knew he would contact me soon after the ritual but it was beyond anything I could ever imagine.


Sorry this got longer than I thought it’d be, the main point is I did a ritual yesterday, got to astral project and see Lucifer and the ritual worked, I would definitely do it again and though i tried to summarize it, if you have questions, I’ll answer.