Devotion is

This is a Topic most newbies get stuck on when trying magick for the first time and because we seem not to understand what devotion actually is we tend to give up and move on to something els or worst give it up all together. Im here to let you know what Lord Satan has allowed me to understand through his teachings.

Devotion is the ability to strive for perfection and see it when there is no sound evidence that it is happening.

The Dark Lord taught me that magick is when something is seen even when others can not physically see it.

So Tonight he tasked me with burning some coal and offering the smoke to him as an offering. So I decided that i would be able to burn my pile outside at the same time creating a big fire with gas. As I was driving bck home I got these thoughts of me burning the pile and because i got to close to the pile in orderto burn it i too had gotten caught by the flames and burned alive.

So I actually got home and soaked the pile and was like okay I’m not gonna go too close due to my thoughts earlier and grabbed some tissue and rolled it to the pile so it would catch and i wouldnt hv to get close at all problem solved… wrong the fire went out on the tissue abd i had to get closer… so I tried it again … this time it went to the edge of the pile and went out…i was like wat on earth is going on. Does The Dark Lord not want me to set the fire tonight? …And I told myself I woukd just come out tmw. Then I got this sense that was telling me not to leave until it was on fire… So after all that I shut my fear of getting burned alive in the back of my mind and went all the way up to the pile were the edge meet the gas and chanted “Air around the flame give me light!” …To my supprise the flame started when I lit it and didnt go out this time and YESSSS i didn’t get burnt alive like i thought i would if i stood that close to the pile soaked with gasoline.

The Dark Lord teaches us things in his way even if it isn’t with magic its lessons to help grow our magic so if you get stuck on a spell or in life Satan says " Try and if you fail get even closer, let go of fear and try again!"

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