Devil stone

What is that?

Fuck if I know.

Luckily, google does:

The Devil’s Stone REVEALED

Looks like it’s something in the Mastering Evocation course.

The Devil’s Stone is talked about and explained towards the end of the Mastering Evocation course. I HIGHLY recommend you purchase a copy for yourself as the entire course is extremely valuable. It also necessary, as E.A. explains, to learn and master all the other material in the course prior to tackling Devil’s Stone. Otherwise it will not make sense or be useful to you.

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While i agree with Dagon, allow me to elaborate.

A Devil’s stone, is basically a spirit vessel. In “Mastering Evocation” Eric actually uses a chunk of (If i recall correctly) volcanic glass. A Devil’s stone is meant to be a permanent housing for an entity. Not unlike a regular fetish object, but something more towards a decorative item for the home.

It should be noted that the Devil’s stone ritual was included in “Mastering Evocation”, not only as a training tool but as a chance for Eric to warn against “Snake oil” occult salemen who claim to sell pre-enchanted spirit vessels. Which are often not even used in any ritual, let alone used to bind a specific demonic, angelic or elemental entity as the seller claims.

Thermopylae, I could be mistaken, but I think that part you’re talking about is earlier in that course and is referring to binding a spirit to an object.

What I was thinking of was the lesson that happens at the end of the series where he talks about evoking objects and perfecting the practice such that the objects evoked come into your life ASAP. So then the devil’s stone is a metaphor just like the philosopher’s stone is a metaphor for more than just turning lead to gold.

ahh seems you are correct. i just went through the devilstone video and i was confusing it with an earlier vid

No worries, it’s a lot of stuff to cover and remember and Erik using a stone for housing a spirit can be confused with the Devil’s Stone concept he covers later.

Eggzackly :stuck_out_tongue: And the spirit box video is a particularly good one.