Is there a way to restore or preserve youth?

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I think @Yberion has something to contribute on that. :slight_smile:

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Get int touch with, and learn:

Chi Gong;

Once you’re able to control the inner Energeries,
and have learned to restore your “Mana” when you deplete it with spellcasting,
keep enhancing and growing your Life Essence,
by using it in spellwork,
and Magick.

Once your Pool feels vast and big,
(note that you need lot’s of regeneration before you get there),
create a sun,
inside yourself,
using Tummo Breath.

Use that Sun,
to enhance your Bodies Structure and health from inside out,
due to bone breathing, and skin breathing.

Once you’re able to absorb the Sun within yourself completely,
into your body,
that Body is immortal.

It’s healing capacity,
will allow you to withstand several deadly hits,
before you need to replanish it.

Keep anchoring the Excess Energy from there on.

As once you’re a full immortal in terms of your body,
you need to strengthen your Soul,
so it’s capacity for re-incarnations increases.
Once you’re Soul is Strengthening,
you’re natrually becoming younger,
in the sense, that you’re weakening due to decay,
get’s reversed.

Along the way,
you’ll find tools and ways to reverse decay,
and heal various wounds,
and sicknesses,
but for the full picture,
you need that roadmap.

The Devil Gene,
or Black Alchemy of Belial,
allows you to go the other route:
Becomming immortal,
and independent of Vessles.

Your Capacity to reincarnate,
is limited.
And you need other mage / god / demon Spirits,
to regain your abilities,
and strengthen them back up,
from time to time.

With each Incarnation, you loose Memories,
and Skills.

Never try to fight what killed you in the last incarnation right away.

Always avoid it,
for at least 3 Lifespans.

You need to strengthen,
and it needs to weaken,
before you stand a chance,
against what just killed you the moment before.

That’s why there’s some of the Memory loss.
To prevent you from wasting up your Incarnations.

  • Lastly, you should also avoid spending Incarnations completely without Energy practice - as a muggle - since those kind of Stack up to grow you into a form which is physical without real access to your higher skills and functions. Normally, you’re natrually drawn to train these skills even passively, during regeneration Incarnations, just to keep a certain degree active. In those incarnations, you won’t fully understand what you do. But just carry it around, as a kind of “weird habit”.