Devil at the crossroads

Hey guys. You certainly know this concept and the story in which musicians sold their souls for fame and riches at the crossroads. I got into my hands a similar ritual. Where is it written that one folk has to go on a crossroads for thirteen nights and give a offering like a whiskey. On the thirteenth night, a dark rider will appear and make a paxt with you. What do you say on this? Do you have any experience with this?


I thought i would have a stash tin big enough to put in some grave yard dirt, some bone, some septums, a photo of your self and put contents into tin and berrie tin with contents into the ground in the center of a cross roads, and wait for the demon to turn up and make a deal.

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Anyone who sells there soul does so because they think that they will get something in return, but this is never the case. In truth, one cannot sell, but they can condemn or taint it. These forums, and magick in general are about becoming empowered. This is why I don’t believe in duality, as no one wants to feel vulnerable, empowerment is positive where-ever it comes from.

No legitimate entity will ask you to do this. Many of the demonic and angelic races were created to serve humanity and achieve their own ascension from doing so, it’s a beneficial situation for all parties involved as our races are so intertwined that if we fail, everyone fails. If we raise, they raise.

The notion of selling one’s soul most likely came from outside observers looking at blood pacts, which are no where near the same. Blood pacts are a gift. Although we connect to the entities, they choose us long beforehand. They teach us lessons for our growth, grant us empowerment, spiritual ascension, or all of the above. The idea, that one can sell their soul is an invention of religious control systems to scare people from their own personal achievement.

This catholic priest explains it best. I, of course am not into religion, but he is right in what he says. Selling your soul implies that it will later be sent to burn in an unholy infernal, but as he explains, that infernal is nothing more than an invention by zealots.


Bro This sounds like a Supernatural ritual. But this is probably not going to be a ritual that will work, do not you think? I read that this ritual with the photo is from that movie, and it probably will not work.BUT, WHO KNOWS :slight_smile:

I thought about giving it a try one day as a experiment