Developmental assistance?


Hello all:)

I’d like to ask a few specific questions about magical development, but please allow me to tell you a little about myself, first.

I’m a practising Satanist (of the LaVeyan variety, for those who see a distinction), and I’m a ceremonial magician who has gravitated towards EA’s writings. I’ve successfully performed evocations involving Goetic spirits, BoA, KoF, elementals, angels, demons etc. I’m by no means terribly adept, but I find my work to be reasonably predictable and, at the very least, not just random chaos.

I’ve had success with rituals for academic performance, love/soulmate development, and the like (my desires are relatively tame). I’ve not had much success with magical assassination, however, although that is a separate issue.

My astral faculties could always be better, and although I can, usually (depending on how much I’ve been practising my basic exercises) evoke to a convincing astral manifestation, I am not terribly interested at this point in a full physical manifestation. I have had actual visual phenomenon I could only liken to psychosis or hallucination (as they were that convincing), although I do not use chemicals of any kind during ritual, and consider these occurrences to be a bonus rather than my ultimate goal (for now).

My questions, however, deal with psychic development in a few different areas. EA’s WoD has been my most beneficial book in that the exercises within have given me the best results and the fastest development of my career, although I now seem to have reached an impass.

I am able to relax to the point where my astral body separates from my physical, although I cannot transfer sight to it, nor move around in it. When I meditate in bed (every night), I can see the room around me through my closed eyelids with some clarity (outlines, shapes, ceiling fan etc) within about 15 minutes. I use a basic chakra charging technique, plus drawing light straight down into my chest and breathing it through my body (much like EA’s attainment of omnipotence light-breathing exercise).

At this point (about half an hour into meditation), everything seems to stop. My thoughts are very still, my visual field (behind my eyelids) is virtually blank like a screen, my other senses are dulled and my body is almost paralysed. It’s very relaxing, but nothing ever happens beyond this. I try to will my astral body to do something, but it never does, nor do I experience hallucinations/visions etc.

Are there any exercises you could recommend to get deeper into trance from this point? This is the same state I enter when evoking (except that I’m not lying in bed:) but again, it feels as though I could go much deeper, but I have no idea how to proceed. I’m particularly interested in how I can see my environment with more clarity. I reach out mentally and touch surfaces until they become “real” in my vision/imagination of their own, and I can sense their energies, but I’d like to be able to see them much clearer, like during astral travel (which I’ve only accidentally achieved a few times).

Any advice would be greatly appreciated:)

Kind regards, James.


Hi James,

It sounds like you’re right on the cusp, and you just need a little nudge to get there. There is some useful discussion on this topic in the omniscience/soul travel thread. For instance, DKM wrote a post sharing a technique here that should be just what you’re looking for:

You should also check out Robert Bruce’s work, he goes through many skills about and surrounding projection work, he is also very clear and easy to read. Specifically check out what he has on his website, as well as his book Astral Dynamics (get the revised 2009 edition ideally):

My small bit of advice would be to try to “feel” yourself in your new position out of your body with tactile awareness - this is the essence of the point-shift method. Once you can feel yourself there, try to touch and see the walls in “front” of your new position. As you really push your intention on this, you’ll probably feel some intense pressure in one or more chakras (brow and heart are pretty common) - if you feel this pressure, keep doing whatever you’re doing and you’ll be there. You can also try using commands while in your near-projecting state “give me clarity” “give me sight” “take me out of my body” etc.

Another thing you could try is doing your meditation and successive projection attempts while sitting in a high backed chair. Each time your body slumps and drags your awareness back to it, it gives you another brief attempt to project again - giving you potentially dozens of attempts in a session rather than one long one.

Good luck, you’re just about there.


howdy, and thanks for the advice.

when i do my work, i feel quite a significant (and uncomfortable) pressure on my third eye, but i just can’t seem to get it to open. i push energy into it, ask it to open, visualise it opening etc, but it just sits there and refuses to cooperate. i’m sure that if i could get it to respond, i would be able to see the astral more clearly, but i’m at a heart chakra is overactive, if anything, so i’m pretty happy with where i am on that one.

i think i have astral dynamics lying around somewhere, but i know i’ve never taken the time to read it through properly. i’ll see how i go with it.

although astral projection would be great, i’m more interested in applying deep trance states (deeper than what i’ve been able to achieve so far) to evocation. my trance is fine for astral evocation, but sometimes maintaining it can be difficult, so i’d like to go deeper than i have in the past to make the experience more “real”, and to slip past my psychic censor. my thinking is that if i go way deep, i won’t be able to disbelieve it, as right now i sometimes need to remind myself that it is real and not just in my head.

for example, if i try and open a sigil without trance, i think “yeah, it’s flashing and the lines have disappeared, but that’s just an optical illusion of staring too long”. however, if i’m in even a light trance, when it flashes, i think “okay, it’s open… now for the evocation”. i’m really excited to see what would happen if i smashed through my current trance state limitation, but i don’t know how to get there.

anyway, thanks again for the advice. when i make progress, i’ll be sure to post:)



Something in your reply cued me to give a couple more tips. One thing that EA suggests in Evoking Eternity is that you perform some form of ritual immersion - whether it is research about the entity, a day of penance, something like that. It helps get you into the frame of mind that there is no possible way it couldn’t work - effectively quelling all doubts.

Along those same lines, here’s an article to further bolster that type of support:


LaVeyan Satanism is an atheistic philosophy; I find it funny you also claim to be a ceremonial magician.


To be fair, it would be equally naive to deny the existence of god as to endorse it as no scientific evidence exists either way. Thus, I would argue that LaVeyan philosophy must, by default, be agnostic by definition (as Satanism is a religion of science and the scientific method, among other things).

Sociologically speaking, there’s no reason that a Satanist can’t define themselves as being atheistic if they, on an individual level, have no reason or have been given no credible evidence for even the possibility of the existence of god. That’s a personal philosophical choice. The alternative is agnosticism as I noted above. Simply saying “I don’t know”, rather than “I choose not to know”, which is the height of ignorance.

Metaphysically speaking, there’s no reason why we can’t define god by our own terms. Is it the Christian paradigm on the one hand, or the quantum multiverse / unified field on the other? Or somewhere in between?

Yes, I am a Satanist and my idea of god is the underlying stratum of the universe. Whatever creates, permeates and destroys all things, whether it’s some aetheric field we have yet to discover, the original source of everything (which EA has written about in some detail) or simply the mathematical principles which govern everything in the universe - including magic, that is how I define god in my terms. To me, it isn’t conscious or sentient, and there is no afterlife (IMHO). It is simply the universal driver which keeps our closed, energetic system functioning, recycling and continuing.

As for ceremonial magic, yes, I am also a ceremonial magician. Magic is one of the most subjective sciences we have and what we believe to be real is probably one small part of a lie magnified to the Nth degree. Chumbley’s “Qutub” sums it up pretty well. Even within Satanism itself, the magical practice of objective subjectivity and the suspension of disbelief is employed to effect what our conscious minds know as to be impossible (or so it thinks). At the other end of the spectrum, we have chaos magic where all rules go out the window, and yet it remains incredibly effective.

I’ve never read anywhere that Satanism and ceremonial magic are mutually exclusive.

kind regards, james.


heya redcircle:)

yeah i checked out that newsletter before. usually, i’ll fast for an evening (i.e, from midday to about 3am when i start my work) and the day of my operation, i’ll get up early (8am is early for me LOL) and remain active until the ritual itself. although i do some subjective synthesis and immersion before hand (usually a couple days before), i’ve found mild sleep deprivation (i.e, getting up at 8am, beginning ritual about 3am the next day) is enough to really shift the mind through its gears.

although i take your point about immersion/rapture, and i can’t deny its necessity, it does take a little time and being a college student, i don’t have the luxury of being able to fully immerse or stay up that late just for ritual.

even on the weekends, i actually need to get up earlyish to study for the coming week (it’s a hell of course!).

anyway, the sleep deprivation thing is great to try if you’re not familiar with it. i only need to get to the point where if i watch TV i start to zone out or nod off. that’s usually when mild hallucinations (shadows, bugs etc) start to appear from being awake too long. then, trance is a snap and the whole ritual is like a lucid dream, complete with a decent amount of visual phenomena.

unfortunately, trying to evoke at 7:30 at night in a house with ten other people and right after dinner with no immersion is a bitch. the only recourse i have is heavy meditation and deep trance, hence my original post:)

i guess i’m just going to have to suck it up and either stay up late or wait until my exams are over LOL.

thanks again for your advice:)

kind regards, james.


LaVeyan Satanism is a sham religion marketed towards edgy teenagers. The Church of Satan denies the existence of demons, claims their rituals are for solely for the purpose of “psychodrama”, and have no actual occultic power whatsoever. Furthermore, the underlining philosophy itself is essentially a plagiarized “Might is Right”, sugar coated with whitewashed “Satanic” imagery. To align yourself with such a group, while simultaneously using real Magic to benefit your life is a bit ironic.


Darkness…since I am such a sweet guy and I did not put into words what you just said and did not make that reply…I will just go on and agree with you…lol…

I watched for a few years while the fakes and phoneys over at the Church of Satan website along with the Temple of the Vampire egomaniacs went and continued to pat themselves on their backs saying they rule the world and just sit there and get eaten up over and over…and accomplish nothing…until they leave and get out of that nothing…and into a system where they learn to get results with what they are doing…it amounts to a parent telling a child they are special without ever giving the proper instruction how to interact with society…and the child grows up to live in a world that crumbles all around them and at that point they find out they have been lied to… oh well,…the net is a wonderful parent… but I am not going into a back and forth with those that want to tell me how wonderful those two groups are and how wrong I am…it will not change my small mind at all…lol. It is already set in stone…

Uncle Fester


You’re absolutely right Uncle Fester. Just a bunch of grown men in silly costumes.


Damn…you get right to the point…lol