Developing clairvoyance?

Hey guys, I’m trying to develop clairvoyance, open my spiritual sight, trying to develop my abilities to communicate with spirits. Can you guys give me some tips?

Much appreciated.

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[quote=“rubensneto, post:1, topic:2053”]Hey guys, I’m trying to develop clairvoyance, open my spiritual sight, trying to develop my abilities to communicate with spirits. Can you guys give me some tips?

Much appreciated.[/quote]

Bust open your 3rd eye like your cracking a stubborn walnut. Here’s E.A’s method, I use it every day:

There are of course others everywhere on the internet. Oh, and if you haven’t done the Mastering Divination course…do it. Then practice it, every day. Basically E.A. just sort of breezes through it in the M.E. course (fire scrying, blood scrying, water/mirror), but in the M.D. course he gets into more detail.

If you aren’t up for that, then just REALLY work on your T/G sync and structuring, visualizing things that aren’t there. Silly little exercises at first…but they go a LONG way. Then start speaking to the spirits through the sigals every-day and build up relationships with them, you can use a scrying device, or not. Write down everything, always. Eventually…the more you call them…the more solid they become. You’ll look back at your journal months later and be amazed that everything you thought was B.S. turned out to be true.

This stuff doesn’t happen overnight…I’ve only been at this for like 5-6 months and just FINALLY starting to see these fucking things after busting my ass through a hard daily discipline regimen.

Other than that…eat right…exercise…meditate daily…the usuals :wink:


To add a little ‘wrinkle’ to what Gnosis wrote, I’d distinguish two aspects of “structuring” associated with Sight (sensing-felt, etc.) beyond just “choosing a thought to formulate and hold via Attn”… as:
A) Contact a ‘substance-solidity’ as you are “structuring” what you have determined… (let the details adjust and flow as you do so, vs set the details on your own; like you are adjust-adapting to something Linked to), and as that happened a Density can feel like it is dropping into a Slot (placing it in that place) [a few steps at once… but once it is placed- it can float and thus self-sustain,vs it being something you are HoldingToBe)…
B) Sort of the Reverse- like (having done the above to sense the difference between creating a Form of “mindstuff” ie in your head, vs “A” as if creating a Form of this other SubStance- like Clay made of fog&spiderwebs? which has a give and take, vs being a full make it however- as in chiselling Stone vs clay… such that Stone has weak/strong crack/layers that shape its Ideal use… vs clay being largely however you want it to go… ala Rodin or Michelangelo? "there is ALREADY a statue inside and i’m only removing the extraneous material and it will come out on its own!” Reveal)… that being the step to the second option- contact it and start Forming the shape/qualities form adding as little as poss (rather than an idea that you let shift a bit, feel how “it” Expressing itself).

C) then is doing A and B not using “observable” sensory-perception elements but “sixth-sense” (that 'sense of it All summed up" that feeling in the gut that is a single Feel… but when you feel into it, understanding may link to a number of memories, or an entire experience, or just a Knowingness 'allatonce… (with contacting Entities via that- how much more of a Fit to their Essence? then ReExperience A&B with that skill… (and so on)-

a little twist- tie in how brainresearch shows that we are "dreaming" constantly.. if you tune in you can see the "hypnogogic flow of jumpy images and connective-assocs" that we tune out, not that only start when we are "now, in trance" 

(thus those 3 ‘places’ that structures can be… where is that pt that all 3 touch?)