Developing Astral Senses

Hi everyone, performed my first evocation last night. There was an absolute defineate presence there, somewhat humbling. As soon as the conjuration was spoken I began to get static-like shivers up and down my back, neck, limbs and face.
What surprised me the most was that despite my slight apprehension and fear of the unknown prior to performing the ritual, when I felt the presence I felt no nervousness or fear whatsoever. I felt like I had respect from the entity I evoked. (Sapla)

Despite the success of the evocation however, I was unable to visually or audibly percieve anythning at all. I just ‘knew’ it was there.

So my question to everyone, neophytes and adepts alike, what techniques did you use to develop your clairvoyance and clairaudience?

I understand that these will develop naturally with each evocation also, just looking for sonething to practice inbetween to speed the process.
Thanks everyone, Callum.

Mastering Divination Course.

I wish I could afford it right now!

Manifest the money through magick dude.

Read through this part of the forum, the New Magician Help section, there are some great threads. :slight_smile: