Devastating djinn magick

Found this book Devastating djinn magick by al hazred.Have any one of you done the spells from it? Does it work?

Call King Paimon and ask him.

(I heard chuckling when i typed that)


The Djinn and other entities have walked around you and probably through you for as long as you have lived.

When you took an interest to a book about the Djinn, one was three feet from you and made note.

The same for all entities.

I would recommend YouTube. Watch a diverse collection of videos and take good notes.

I have had success with them.

Would you suggest a book or a certain youtube channel?
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For overall History look at “The Merciful Servant” …

Yes it is Islamic in English promoting Islam. Still it covers a lot of information and is well produced.

I personally worked with S Ben Quyan’s Book of Smokeless fire. I have also supplemented with Ball Kadmon’s works.

ArtistLos video on the Djinn was also interesting.

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