Detecting Attacks (help)

I’m talking about any type of magic against you.
When someone is sending negative energy your way how do your senses tell you?
What are the signs that usually let you know someone is attacking you?
I ask because i feel someone close to me is being attacked. I don’t usually deal with these type of thing since i don’t piss off any one, but if its affecting my household I need to fight back.

Usually some of the first signs of astral or spiritual attack are very similar to signs of mental disorders like depression or anxiety. But this can be paired with poltergeist activities or various cases of “bad luck” happening around the person regularly, noticeable obsession with safety (more than usual if the person is rather panicky in the first place), extreme frustration of any kind (especially spiritual and even sexual frustration), constant aches and unexplained sickness. If you can sense auras, people who are attacked will usually be drained by stress or, if a spirit is attacking, parasitic activity directed to the person’s life force. These symptoms usually worsen in a few months, which is one way to know it’s a spiritual attack and not a mundane cause. If you’re entirely unsure even after reading your situation, do a banishing ritual and then a protection spell to get rid of the lesser spirits (which most attackers are) and negative energies. And if it gets worse after that you might need to summon or create a spirit to combat whatever is trying to attack the person. (For summoning I recommend warrior gods or protection spirits)


Learning a banishing ritual isn’t hard. Learning how to banish takes a lifetime. Eventually you can do it quickly, quietly and powerfully. Once in the morning and once at night keeps LordBermuda safe and builds up a protective shield.

I use an inverted pentagram ritual. You use what you like.



I wanted to learn the signs of an attack. Its funny that you two would mention the banishing ritual. I actually had just conducted one earlier for counter measure. Thank you both for your time to respond

Results are the best way to know.

Dectection before results occur of course include divination, people avoiding you, strange smells, and other things depending on the depth of the attack.

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How about ritual cleansing with herbs and ritual bath ? For yourself and those effected by this, ( if, they are interested ). And filling yourself, your house, effected objects, and the people effected with white / gold light, even for a minute or two, each day.

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Here I posted a simple measure / mudra to counter any Black magic / hex/ curse done upon you. Do check it out.