Detachment of Results vs Laziness

This has been on my mind for some time now.

I understand that detachment of results (i.e. set it and forget it) is crucial to manifesting results, but when does that become laziness? How much work should you put in to manifest results?


laziness is when you don’t even put effort to learn the little details of magick. It’s doing a search for magick spell and casting and thinking it’s done. That’s laziness because you didn’t do research for safety protocols. You didn’t make sure you learn basics and background of magic by reading a book on it. You didn’t explore magick to understand what it is and just taking stereotypes to be truths or movie magick. You don’t follow instructions of the book and keep asking questions wanting to be handed answers when if one read the book from beginning to end, they get their answers. Laziness is not doing any due diligent or any effort on one’s part to learn about magick and depending on others to tell answers even if answer’s in the books they have. Laziness is wanting results veritied from others before even casting magick asking same question over and over with different wording. It’s wanting advance magick before learning basics.

Detachment of results is you don’t think and obsess over your results yet your still learning more and more about magick, what it is , how to improve process, practicing to better skills, etc… YOU think of knowing your results in terms of feedback to improve. There’s a difference between evaluating for better skills/feedback and desiring obsessing over results. Sometimes it comes to your mind and you just notice it and smile cuz you know your magick is doing it’s job and go on about your everyday activities… You don’t have a needy attitude.

Don’t think of it as work. Think of it as practice. The effort should be determine on if you want job done or not. Nothing worth doing don’t require effort and persistence. Don’t confuse obsessing and refining your magick skills.


Detachment is when you keep your goal in the back of your mind, while slowly taking the step for its manifestation. It becomes laziness when you literally do nothing and rely 100% on the operation itself (spell, ritual, etc).
However, I’m aware that sometimes the odds are in your favour and you don’t have to move a finger to manifest X.

I don’t think there’s a baseline for it, because it depends on the person and what s/he wants to achieve.

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It is not crucial to manifesting anything , that’s bullshit

I received some guidance on this some time ago from the demon Zepar. After the ritual, I cultivate the attitude of whatever will happen will happen, and that’s ok. Maybe it will work, maybe it won’t - whatever. Usually the magick works, and that’s pretty great, and even when it doesn’t seem to work it often still has some kind of effect that benefits me, even if it’s not exactly what I was expecting.

For how much work to put in on your end, I’ve found that if I cultivate this attitude of non-attachment I get an intuitive sense of what I need to do. Usually I just go about my life as normal without hoping for the magick to work, and this tends to work well. Some of my most powerful results have manifested in the most subtle of ways.

Sometimes magick can be quite forceful and in your face, but often it sneaks its way into your life by making everything just go more smoothly, and making all the little mundane moments of life into something special.


I meant Something worth doing do require effort and persistence.

Easier way to understand is don’t use the word laziness. Use the word chilling. AFter the spell you be chilling which is another term to be relaxing about your spells instead of freaking out about it.

I’ve learned much on this subject and have become quite akin with it and have learned the fault in many reasonings.

To keep it short, your magick should be a set and forget, but your goals should continue in your mind until it becomes you.

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