Destroying a targets will to fight

I won’t get into the details. I want to remove a certain persons will to fight and essentially turn him into a Beta Male. What are some good methods to do this?

I plan on petitioning a Storm and Death deity to assist me and maybe make a Sigil.

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You can strip his defenses and petition Abaddon to send something along those lines.

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suppress energy by projecting arrow into solar plex and lower down their energy to ground. basically lower their energy field.

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What makes him strong? if it is his friends then remove social support with Raum or Agares. Kill friendships with Glasya Labolas.

If he is strong emotionally, break him with insomnia and depression with Lucifer and Marbas.

If he is wealthy , remove it with bad luck and costly accidents with a Demon.

Think about what makes him tick and remove or destroy each one until he is a shell of his former self

Remove health and bodily strength with a poison jar with his photo in it and a spirit of choice bound to his life force

Break or block his Chakras in the area his strength is.


Solar plexus. And heart chakra.but that is Diabolical if you manage. Basically you’ll turn them into cabbage


Thanks for the ideas guys. I appreciate the deity recommendations but I’m going to stick with Susanoo for reasons I’ll mention in another post.

I’m not intending to make my target completely useless though as he may prove useful in the future.


@Twilight_Dragon you’ve mastered susanoo ? the same sasuke’s skill from naruto anime? lol but you have to have the eye for it. sharingan. did you steal someone’s eye? haha. I hear their race is on the verge of extinction. =oP

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Nah bro Susanoo is a Shinto Kami who has power over many things. He can help with shadowwork (never did this with him though) and can deliver pretty potent curses. I shit you not, the day I petitioned him, a mild storm came out of no where followed by calm. My country at least where I live has little to no rain in Winter so if that’s not a sign then idk what is. He’s awesome for sparring too and has a deep bond with his sister Amaterasu