Destroy a Thoughtform / Servitor

Hi Everyone,

I suffer from chronic pain 7+ years after some emtional trauma and i feel my pain has become an Thoughform / Servitor of its own and sustaining itself with pain and attention.

The trauma is healed but the pain lives as a thoughtform/servitor

I understood this after hearing a lecture for Dr. Eckhart Tolle he calls this a Painbody that starts to live on its own.

How can you destory a thoughtform/ servitor you yourself have created?

I would love to hear any tips

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You can destroy a thoughtform servitor if you erase any form of thoughts about it as in stop thinking about it and those that know about it no longer think about you, you essentially starve it out of existence. As thoughtforms require attention.


Thank you so much, it feels like it has become stronger than me. Even a small attention to it gives it power. People around me get sick and pain it feeds of everyone.

The pain body is a kind of life form, a kind of energy that feeds off emotional pain. It consists of past emotional pain that has not been fully accepted or released, and feeds off more of it for survival.


So i just will it to self destruct?

No you cease all thoughts of it, close yourself off from it and let it starve, some times they will leave you to go to someone else to parasite off of within the astral/mental plane. However, more times it will unravel and starve til it no longer exists.

Great i just made a post (this)about it, giving it more attention and feeding right??? aaahhh!!

Thanks for your advice, let me find a delete button for this post

you can also call murmur he is the best to kill any thought forms of any kind

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There is a good ritual in the GOM book Magickal Protection for that - a ritual to Remove Parasitic Beings. You do it for 5 days. It’s simple to do but effective. I do it whenever I feel as of someone has either sent me negative ‘stuff,’ or if I feel out of sorts and weighed down. Could be a parasitic attachment. I always feel lighter and cleansed afterwards.


Yeah that works, but it’s quite hard to just forget about something without consciously doing something about it. A ritual could help with this, the simplest way I’d say is to just will it to be obliterated, channel energy into your hands and blast it out directing it to the servitor with the intent of killing it. That should get the job done.