Desperate seeking advice or help

I would hear my doorbell ringing or my name being called then i would see my ex at my door in spirit its never failed never but he only uses me leaves me with mouns of dept. I only did it for the kids i have fought a loosing battletoo long now its tme to win. Wat can i read i have somthing going on with me. Mom had told me ling ago that we had s cousin who did tricks tricky sam another man was prophet highsmith and they could move things and make it stormy or make it snow theywore no shoes mainely each time when each was arrested they would vanish the next day i just feel mayb. Being called or going crazy
When i first moved in wih my ex. My pocketbook would lift off the tv and danggle and fall to the floor i was never scared i just didnt know then later i seen that my husband was taken money from me i didnt know.what can i do to understand this.