Designing a Middle Pilar variant for the LHPq

Hi there. I’ve been a lurker here for some months and an “armchair magician” for much longer.

Starting my practice I noticed most chakra work is approached from a traditional RHP point of view i best cases, when not straight from newageist “feel good” stuff.

But I think chakra/Middle Pilar work is esential for the LHP magician as well, it’s just that Yah*e’s and Angelic names don’t suit us.

By the moment I’m going with Diane Vera’s version of the LBRP and the Middle Pilar, but I don’t get to click with her five centers system.

So I’ve designed an LHP Middle Pilar which I’m set to explain.


  1. Cast an LHP version of the LBRP (If requested, I’ll post Diane Vera’s Banishing Rite of the Dark Lord in a new topic for consistency).

  2. Visualize your Muladhara chakra (base chakra) as an intense, dark red sphere of light, not as if it was stained, but rather iluminated by a black light. Shining, swirling between your genitals and your anus. Vibrate: BELIAL (BEH-LEE-AL) four times into it.

  3. Visualize your Swadisthana chakra (sacral chakra) in a dark orange, again not dirty but as if it was iluminated by a black light. Shining, swirling in your sacral plexus, two fingers below your navel. Vibrate LILITH (LEE-LEETH) four times into it.

  4. Visualize your Manipura chakra (solar chakra) in dark yellow in your sacral plexus, over your navel. Vibrate SATAN (SAH-TAN) x4 into it.

  5. Visualize your Anahata chakra (heart chakra) in dark green in the center of your chest, slightly to the right of your pulsating heart. Vibrate BAPHOMET (BAH-PHO-MET) x4 into it.

  6. Visualize your Vishudda chakra (throat chakra) in dark blue in your throat, right in the hollow below your Adam’s apple.

  7. Visualize your Ajna chakra (third eye) in indigo bellow the skin in the center of your forehead, in the center of the brain. Vibrate ASTAROTH (ASS-TAH-ROTH) x4 into it. If done good, you’ll feel a light ‘something’ in the surface of the skin in the center of your forehead.

  8. Visualize a black light, like a black sun in miniature, almost the size of your head right over the top of your head. Vibrate LUCIFER (LOO-SEE-FER) x4 into it.

I’ll explain the correspondences to make this ritual understandable to anyone who wishes to strengthen their energetic centers.

  1. In Demonolatry and Satanism Belial is regarded as ruler of the physical plane and elemental of Earth. Muladara roots us to the earth and rules our most basic needs and instincts, so vibrate him when working with this chakra.

  2. Swadisthana rules our sexual desire, desire for good sex, and most important our sex force, which is our lifeforce and generative. It also is a femenine chakra. Lilith rules sexuality, most specifically female sexuality, is seen as a succubi by some and is said to have birthed demons.

  3. Manipura rules our desire to initiate action, to conquer, to influence people, enjoy pleasures, good food, even our desire to desire. Also a masculine chakra. It is our will to power. Satan is vibrated here, as the God of our will, our desires and King of Darkness.

  4. Anahata conciliates and unites the most physical, mundane aspects of ourselves (thrive, sex, pleasure) with our other, more spiritual and trascendental needs. Baphomet is vibrated here because Baphomet is terrenal power (horns) guided by wisdom (wings; also represent freedom), the animal and the human, male and female, above and below, sexual union between Lilith and Satan, solve et coagula.

  5. Communication. Chakras from this point rule things that trascend the ego. Vishudda implies communication with another person (if you think this is implied in Swadisthana think again; most likely, the jerk who gets off and leaves his woman unsatisfied, who doesn’t know how to please his woman neither does he care has a healthier sacral chakra than his wife).

  6. Ajna is the chakra of openness to the astral, ESP, awareness of other realms, sixth sense. If with Vishudda we are open to communicate with other people, with Ajna we communicate with the other side of the veil. Astaroth rules over many “-mancies”, divinations etc, in fact many witches consecrate their divination tools, specially black mirrors to this deity.

  7. Sahasrara is the chakra of ultimate gnosis and comunion with the divine which we don’t pursue to fully merge with them, we don’t want to merge with the Demi*rge, not even with Belial, Lilith or Satan, but to forge ourselves as Gods. The Black Sun is the Black Light which kills our previous selves so we may be reborn as something more. Lucifer is the God of spiritual advancement, the God of the Black Sun.

And that’s about it. Hope you liked it, make any corrections that shall be made, or give any correspondence for the Vishudda chakra without which this ritual, which I believe to be well designed, will be incomplete.

This is my first contribution may as well I put a profile pic already.



My suggestion, take it fwiw:

From Evocation Of The 9 Demonic Kings vid - #5 by Claidheam

The message from Balam:

"The cards, the bones, the stones,
The water and blood and fire:
These all simply give you permission-
To speak the truth.

Give yourself that permission at any time,
And the truth will be spoken through you.

All the world is your mirror,
And a million spirits dance therein.
Call them and they appear;
Command them and they obey."


I’ll just go with CHORONZON (KOH-RON-ZON) from Diane Vera’s IRMP

I agree that some kind of MP rite is a fundamental, and very much an essential. And there are multiple ways to attain the desired effect outside of a more ‘structured’ current, i.e. shamanic practices, which are about as individual as it comes IMO.

I just want to comment regarding origins and fine details. MP is a HOGD rite. The HOGD uses Qabbalistic elements as a structure for methodology, not a foundation of belief. In fact, there is no religious pre-requisite for admission in at least one modern incarnation. It’s a system and organization of magickians, not a cult or place of worship. So when you are vibrating god names during the MP, LBRP, etc, it is not in any association with the YHWH of the death cults of JCI. The god names are addressing attributes of Source using Qabbalistic words, but more in the perspective of the All referred to in the Kybalion. It’s kind of a more flexible perspective than base line RHP stereotypes.

So disregarding the rites’ uses of god names and angelics really is kind of throwing away the baby with the bath water. If one can not get a result from an original, then how would one know if they are making the needed and appropriate adjustments to the rite? I’m not saying it can’t be done; I am saying it is a rite all of it’s own, and not really an LHP version of it.

I like yours, btw. Awesome first contribution! :slight_smile: