Derived Enochian Names from the Luciferian Gnostic Way

Hey. Its been a while.

I have done my delvings into the enochian tradition, and have been personally delving into some of the nightside aspects of it regarding the Sitra Achra and the primordial Aur She Ain Bo Machshevah of Choronzon, Daath and the opposite qliphothic side to the sefirothic plane of Atziluth to reinvigorate primordial truths from the enochian tablets and ways as provided mainly by John Dee and Kelley in his works in the 5 books of Mystery, but also utilizing discoveries by the reconstructionists as I have seen fit.

We will be talking about an important gnostic trinity that I’ve kept in mind through my recent praxis.

Sophia, Baphomet and Abraxas.

First, on Enochian.
It is not the wisest thing to write simple latinized english words in the Enochian alphabet.
For example - you would not write Jörmungandr, an ancient norse word, in hebrew like “יערמונגאנדר” and expect to have a coherent, functioning magical phrase to use in rituals and gematrias and the like. Nor would you write the latin sound “Sh” in hebrew like “סה”. It makes absolutely no sense.

The correct thing to do is to study enochian pronunciation and perhaps even consult your demons on assisting the correct derivation of the names of entities in enochian. Once you have a solid understanding of how to derive names, then you can use them to full and extensive power.

Sophia (in Enochian) = SOVPHFIA
Pronounced: SO-UU-PU-HI-FII-YAH

Sophia is the ancient greek word that denotes divine wisdom of craft or of higher learning, gnosis, and is personified as the divine primordial feminine force in varieties of gnostic traditions. She is a hypostasis of (and sometimes exactly equal to) Barbelon who is essentially the gnostic ideal of Shakti or the highest female principle.

Baphomet (in Enochian) = BAAPHFOMET

Baphomet is not only connected to the nightside of Abraxas, but is also a bridge between Sophia and the Earth. He is master of Baptism and Initiation. The 2 letter As that extend his enochian name are reflective of the letter Ayin, the letter of Baphomet - the Goat, Capricorn and the Eye of Ayin(the Abyss). With capricorn, the goat, the B letter is also reflective of Aries the Ram in certain contexts. The Tiy that extends the T is reflective of Metis - another greek word of wisdom.
Baphomet can translate on its own into enochian script as it is a compound magical phrase/barbarous name hailing from possibly many roots, and not one primary or single etymology(albeit mostly greek) comes to it besides primordial energy.

Abraxas (in Enochian) = ABRAASSAX
Pronounced: AH-BE-RAA-SSA-XAH

Abraxas is said to be the link in all polarities. A form of Shiva, even - if you want to talk about divine archetypes, he is the vital roarer who rules over the 365 Aethers and the way of the midst between Causality and Acausality.
“ABRAASSA” is an enochian word that means provide, “X”, or Pal, is the enochian letter which has the esoteric meaning of dissolution and destruction, but also of spiritual support. Thus, the name ABRAASSAX could possibly mean “He who provided spiritual ego death”.

If you’ve made it here, thanks for reading! I plan on releasing more enochian words and material regarding more of the practice of gnostic luciferians such as myself.


Forgot to mention 1 minor detail.

Abrasax and Baphomet more immediately translate into enochian because they are both barbarous words. Sophia translates to it because it transcends the word for merely wisdom and has become a gnostic name pertaining to the deity of wisdom.
Something you should attempt is to find root etymologies of names or words you wish to translate, and see if you can find enochian equivalents or if they can be derived into enochian.
Barbelo, the aeon, is equal to BABALON/BABALOND, because her name means “Bar-Bel” in hebrew, meaning Son of Bel - meaning the city Babylon. Gnostic texts often deified cities demonized by the demiurge, such as Sodom and Gomorrah being divine names in such texts. Babylon represents she who is the highest female principle because symbolically the Sumero-Babylonians were the greatest threat to the people of Yahweh, and the bible refers to Babylon as a she - and the Sitra Achra is symbolically feminine. This is also why enochian (the angelic tongue) refers to BABALON/BABALOND as meaning Evil/Wicked/Harlot.

Have fun with your derivations.

-Lotan Vovin

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