Depressed? Let's talk about it

The past couple days Ive been thinking that sometimes it’s really hard to find people to talk to when you’re deep into the occult. It just doesnt feel the same talking to people who have no idea what’s really going on behind closed doors and in the middle of the night… other people just dont quite think the way we do.

For black magick practitioners I know things can get really really heavy. All victories and celebrated summonings aside… we all know that the left hand path will tear you down and test you and quite possibly bring about your darkest times. In times like these there are periods when you’ll want to question your sanity. Because black magick is more than just conquering the world around you though the knowledge of the occult… its having to face the world inside you, which can burn more than hell fire. And sometimes even the knowledge is just too much to handle.

Some of you are on this path to claim victory over your life and some are on this path because it chose you.

So if you’re ever feeling depressed and just want someone to talk to I’m here. Doesnt matter the reason.
Tell me your crazy stories and fucked up past. No judgment.
That is all. Carry on with your day :slightly_smiling_face:


Well, it’s hard not to be depressed when you see much more and you don’t have even people to talk with about it, I guess it could help someone.
Odin is a good example until he got what he wanted, he was almost dead.
And well we magicians are in some point in the path, doesn’t matter which forces you work with they know the pain is the best teacher but no one wants to be his student.

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Yyupp. Very well said.


I think that this is a very important and selfless post by @rin. As someone who has struggled with bouts of depression off and on over the years, I know how crucial something as simple as this can be. I hope those who need it take advantage of your offer.

That being said, I used to refuse to seek help for such things, as my definition of depression and the clinical definition did not appear to be in alignment in my mind. Lack of enjoyment of things, and hermit like behavior patterns sneak up on you over time and fool you into believing it to just be “how you are.” So I simply powered through and just went through the motions.

At the end of the day however, I am now older and wiser and have learned some priceless truths. The most important being that you are not alone, there is always someone out there who is ready to help you no strings attached. Also, when you find someone you trust, realize the value of that relationship and protect it. If you know you need professional help, realize that the therapies are scientifically legit and truly work, you simply have to lower the drawbridge and allow the professional you choose, THAT YOU TRUST, to know what’s really & truly going on in there.

***The following is not medical advise, it is simply a personal message delivered to me by a friend when I was resistant to being open to treatment options years ago…

As far as medication goes,(if recommended by a licensed medical professional), and you are unsure of walking that path, allow me to leave some wise words a monk told me:

Temporary use of a medication is like a pair of tweezers. The ailments you are suffering from is like a thorn, or a group of thorns. You use the tweezers to pull out the thorns, and once they are gone you can set the tweezers down (with your doctors blessing of course, while under qualified licensed care.)


Thank you. I think even I needed to hear some of that.


@rin I feel like my magick isn’t working well to affect aspects of my life. For me, it seems that my magick works much better when working with divination, curses, and spells for others. I’ve gone through a lot this past year and my roots have been destroyed for me to start anew. I have started my pathworking with Azazel back on October 31st. I asked him to improve my living situation and to awaken my immortal self. I did a ritual with the guidance of Azazel to awake my immortal self. I’ve been throwen into crazy living situations until I ended up in New York with my brother. It’s been quite rough and I feel like I’m not doing enough but, I have a hard time getting myself to meditate everyday. It’s easier for me to do rituals instead and Azazel wanted me to evoke him but, I’m nervous of failing to evoke him and I don’t wanna evoke Azazel for no reason. And then this girl that I loved waltzed into my life again for the third time. I’d do anything to help her, however, it’s not the first time she hurt me. She has her own problems and tends to push people away that get to close. I’m not sure how to talk to her because she doesn’t answer my calls and she runs off at any confrontation. And when I say, that I can’t take it or I’ll give her space, she answers me. It’s like she wants me in her life and is afraid to lose me but, at the same time she keeps pushing me away. She usually just sees me messages and doesn’t answer. Also we live in different states now so I can’t physically confront her. Azazel did do a 9 cleansing of people who aren’t supposed to be in my life and she wasn’t cut off. Any ideas of what I should do?

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Distance makes the heart grow fonder, love.
Romance problems Suck. Dont let her toy with you either.
Since you’re not a regular idk if you have the option to PM anybody so I’ll message you just in case you want things more private.

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i have doubts about everything
and many things to talk about
i can see spirits
i can get impressions of what spirits feel (note,not feeling like feeling intense or just stable energy)
many of the posts that i did and channelings are intuiting hand writings but slowly i can feel energies and hear voices by emotions actually very hard to explain the voices they happen when i dont expect it

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I struggle with depression myself always feeling like a caged soul.