Hey guys!

Has anyone utilized a spirit box and had good communication by way of that or an app that is essentially an all in one with a camera?

This is going to sound crazy, but I got this spirit box called ghost detector and it actually allowed me to communicate with the spirit of a weeping willow that sits across from my apartment.

The funnier thing is that whenever I climb on it, it looks like a giant male in a thrusting position…and so I have developed a weird romantic love type of thing with this tree.

He calls himself Liam.

He also brings me trinkets…I’ve gotten a stick wrapped in human hair…which was odd. He leaves presents for me and instructed me on where I could meet him.

I’ve also had some fun at night on his huge massive trunks…just climbing.

Anyone ever had sex with a tree? Or something similar?

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Sounds like a nature spirit attached to the tree. It’s not really sex with a tree.

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Maybe with the spirit…but not the tree. I don’t even know how that type of sex would work…

Sounds like a dyrad (earth nymph) spirit.

Dang…didn’t check the last date on this. NVM.


Thanks anyway…I appreciate your response.