Demons' twin soul/flame

I’ve heard that twin soul and twin flames are not the same. Twin soul would be like one soul that “split” in two. While twin flame would be like souls created from the same “flame”, “source”(be possible more than two creatures be “twin” flames)
Is this correct on your point of view?

Does demons/gods has twin souls/flames?

Would be possible a demon’s twin(soul/flame) be human? Considering that we are gods, in a way like them.

Does anyone know who is Lucifer’s twin soul/flames?


My personal opinion is that the whole concept of “twin flames” is a New Age invention, as there is no literature about such things until the 20th century. It’s one of those things that someone made up and then suddenly it becomes a part of Western magick, like Atlantis and the Akashic Records (which were both created by Theosophy).

As it was created by humans, it does not apply to extradimensional beings such as Lucifer, to whom time does not exist.


I agree with what was said above. On top of this, if you think about it a little bit more, this idea of a twin soul would imply that your soul is not complete upon incarnation. That’s a terrible belief to subscribe to for various reasons.

If you feel like you need a partner to make you whole, or you will never be whole until you find your “other half”, you set up a limitation on your ascension that is unnecessary. We have enough self-limiting beliefs to get over on the Path. No need to create new ones or subscribe to ones that rely on assumptions we are somehow broken or incomplete from the start. The worst thing to do would then be to try and limit the gods/demons/etc with this same limited thinking…