Demons to kill a target 🔥

So guys did you work with the demons who can kill a target?

  • Atranrbiabil
  • Carnax
  • Jamax
  • Kasdeja
  • Minal
  • Pasfran
  • Pathophas
  • Yconaababur
  • Ythanel

As you see they are not goetian, goetian entities are more human friendly and interested in their Ascension. The goetian are loving and loveble.


This explains why abbadon didn’t kill me on the spot when I asked stupid questions.

Some can be. Others don’t give a flying fuck.

Abaddon isn’t in the Goetia.


LAst I checked, he was…

Well I think abbadon just took pity.

Edit: Nah he just didn’t care enough

Nah, he’s a Gatekeeper but not one of the 72.


Are we talking about the same Goetics who don’t give a fuck about regular people and can be unbeliablely destructive, causing tremendous diseases, burning people houses, making people break up with their partners, driving people insane and turning people into mindless slaves?! Because some Goetian demons do those things and are known for doing those things


Are u saying if I asked one to curse or kill someone they are gunna disobey in because its another human? Why would they care esp if they dont even know that human or that human is not as evolved as me.

Also is goetic different than goetian? Im a little confused by that

Nice list of killer demons :slight_smile: someone’s been reading The Dictionary I see.


Nah dude they like to fuck with us, some of them are friendly others think of humans as shit bags xD