Demons to change my father's mind for diabetes and make his ass work to cure

long story short my father already is diagnosed with diabetes
from my research it might be stage 2
i am desperatly in need to help him
as he does nothing to help him self
demon for changing minds,thoughts,belives and perceptions please


King Paimon and Duke Dantalion


will both work out?

Both have the ability to do it. You have to ask them if they wanna work with you on it or not :wink:


ok tommorow i will come upon paimon as i anyway would

Try Buer, he is very nice, friendly and a good healer. Or Valefor he is charismatic, attractive but probably will help with pleasure persons who feel good about themselves


thank you!

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Vast majority of diabetics - both types - are chronically low in magnesium. Your dad really needs magnesium supplements - most people do - but avoid magnesium oxide unless suffering constipation (because it’s not well absorbed). Water soluble fibre is great for lowering blood sugar, as is cocoa.



thank you!

My advice is Archangel Raphael…he is perfect as a healer…so instead of changing his mind why don’t you ask AA Raphael to heal him?
All best to your dad :fist:
It doesn’t make any difference if you mostly deal with “demons” because angels don’t care about RHP or LHP.
Or find a book named Damon Brand “The 72 Angels of Magick.”.
But if you wanna stick with LHP spirits for healing then King Balam and Marbas are my to go spirit.


For this I would absolutely say King Paimon and Duke Dantalion 100000000%.

Without getting into to deep of detail…someone extremely close to me began battling with depression, severe anxiety followed by panic attacks that completely transformed this person into a shell of the person they were. It was extremely bad and difficult to deal with. Said person even began seeing a therapist to which they said improvement can happen, but it will take a lot of time because of how deep into the person became.

In total desperation I reached out to both King Paimon and Duke Dantalion to help open this persons mind, to relieve this depression/anxiety and help them return to normal Both responded to me that they will take care of this.

Guess what? Within 1 month this person made a miraculous turn around that even baffled the therapist. They couldn’t believe that someone so deep into depression and stricken with anxiety could make such a huge turnaround. I myself was stunned at how quickly this person changed and returned to normal. It was as if they were in therapy for years and it finally sunk in.

An absolute miracle thanks to King Paimon and Duke Dantalion. I am forever grateful to have both of them in my life and for helping the way they did. They truly are great friends and saviors. I owe them the world.

Praise King Paimon and Duke Dantalion.


and you called them once and that was it?or called them many times?

I have been dealing with both of them and developing a relationship with them, especially King Paimon. He became not only a mentor/guide but a good friend as well. So in time of desperation I reached out to him and asked for help to which he responded immediately.


Since your dad is diabetic there is no complete cure. However, invoking some spirits will help alleviate your symptoms and might bring some peace of mind. Marbas or Barbas is known as a great healer and is known as a demon who can help cure or bring relief for medicinal purposes.

From the Daemonolatry Goetia by S. Connolly

“Marbas is a demon that is geared towards the more physical side of work, along with medicine and aid. He is best when it comes to manipulation of the human body through disease or aid, and can help you figure out truth when you feel like you’re just shy of it.”


That’s not true at all. I know plenty of people who have cured their Type 2 Diabetes with diet changes.

Not a demon, I don’t work with those. But, I’ve been close to the Archangel Metatron because I’m working through the Sephirot on the Tree of Life. And, I’ve discovered through UPG that the Archangel Metatron has an ability to change individuals through giving source energy to them. I’ve experienced a lot of success since I started working with the Archangel Metatron about a week ago.

The Archangel Metatron, Ruler of Keter, Scribe of God, Angel of Ascension in Union with His Brother, the Archangel Sandalphon.



Thank you!

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I know several people with diabetes who are on meds. However, and i am unsure if it is true but many do claim that diet changes can stunt the effects of the disease.

If you google “diabetes cure” you are directed to websites like WebMD and the Mayo Clinic where you find information on diet, exercise, medication, and insulin therapy, but nothing on a simple diet cure. This lack of information may have to do with the fact that Americans spend 322 billion annually to treat diabetes, $60 billion a year on weight-loss programs! Because so many people earn a living with the american medical establishment and are supported by diabetes and its main cause, obesity, the viral effect of people getting cured IMHO and telling others is greatly diminished.

There was a documentary I watched where a group of diabetics were put on a raw food vegan diet, they were on staff with medical doctors who did regular tests on the participants. Every Type 2 Diabetics was completely cured, and the Type 1 Diabetic dropped from 60 g of insulin a day to 5 g of insulin.

Also, one of my close friends when I was going to Church, she went on the paleo diet and her husband, who had Type 2 Diabetes, was also completely cured.

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Nice diet lose weight and bring down your sugar levels that works. A healthy solution.

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Angel Shahahiah: against disease + mantain health + protect against adverse force.
Angel Eladiah: heal disease + the power to ovecome negtavity both from the 72 angles of magick by damon brand Also Raphael and marbas for changing mind king paimon and duke dantalion try these maybe help, good luck.