Demons that require cigarettes as an offering

In your experiences Which demons request cigarettes as an offering?

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I have experience reading other people’s experience (lol) and if I remember correctly it might’ve happened that a demon asked for a cigarette as an offering but I can’t be sure.

Edit: oh shit I thought it said if it had happened that demons have asked for cigarettes as offering.
I think maybe Dantalion or Belial might be demons who would request that kind of offering


If I remember correctly Belial has asked some people to give up smoking as a offering. :thinking: Some Loa demand tobacco (cigars) as offerings I believe but those are not demons…And I don’t practice voodoo so second hand info


Here is the full encounter that happened yesterday.

So yesterday roughly 5:30 pm I heard a voice say plain as day say “turn off your phone and turn on the flame.” “Light a candle and cigarettes to me as an offering and I will give you message.” I did as I was told and I felt alot of energy and choas in my mind. I then heard a voice say “look into the flame.” In the flame I saw myself performing my music with unknown forces acting a s puppeteer.

All this frightened me beyond belief. I quickly put out the cigarettes and vlew the candle out but befire hearing if you snuff the candle out youll snuff your life out.

Edit. Im very new to all of this but about a year ago I started being contacted by spirits for my songwriting career. The last year it feels l like ive lost more and more of my oldself. Feels like ive lost my mind. Im deff down the rabitt hole

Those from the Africanist (I don’t know if that’s the right word) seem to like it. The Pomba Gira (I know, plural, since it is a category) seems to like cigarrettes and booze.

As a note, those kind of spirits are asociated with a LOT of scammers. Or, to be clear, a lot of scammers in Sout America like to say they work with those spirits.

A friend of mine used to live next door to some Umbanda temple and had clashes with the Pae like every week, 'til he got mad and in a heated argument got a threat of calling down spirits on him. His answer was “Then I will call down my fists on you”. Fists won, since the Pae stopped being a jerk.