Demons that mean business

Hey guys and gals, which of the goetic demons can assist with gaining a following, or generating interest in a business, for example gaining viewership for a subscription based service. This is not a substitute for hard work of course, but every little helps. I have ‘lucifer and the hidden demons’, which doesn’t seem to go into this specific area.


Any demon of influence can help you.

Please use the search function. This is not the first time someone has asked for spirits to get an internet following so you can find names in the other threads.


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So to get you started, here are a few demons that can possibly assist you with your goals.

To obtain fame or recognition for your creative work.
To stand out from the crowd and be seen as honorable and powerful.

To cause attention to be drawn to a project or endeavor.

To increase fame without notoriety. This will not make you famous without effort but can increase fame for those who work in areas that include public

Good luck!


Melabed - to request a growth in your income
Gramon - attract fame through magickal glamour
Ybarion - make something ordinary appear special and desirable
Golog - to be seen as an authority; to improve your reputation amongst all who speak of you
Maggid - to encourage others to bestow gifts upon you

When working with Lucifer, you will often be required to apply the powers of the Legion in a creative way. None of these powers explicitly state “for success in marketing,” but perhaps you can see how these individual powers could combine and give you the result you seek.

And also, “hard work hard work hard work hard work” is the mantra repeated by those trapped into meagre circumstances who hate their lives. Actions are required, but back-breaking, soul-sucking, never-ending hours of labor are not. Not for those who walk the path revealed by Lucifer.

I am here for pleasure, not for power, not for righteousness, and certainly not for pain.




Thanks for adding these! Had to look up a couple of the names since I’d never heard of these demons before!


Thanks for these. Is it wise to call forth multiple entities during a ritual or is it best to spread them out over the course of a week?


The chapters “Summoning Demons” and “An Illustrated Working” (are you supposed to quotes or italics book chapters??) will answer your questions. You also need to read the other opening chapters and the two at the end if you want to get this magick working.

If you wish to summon multiple demons to all work on a situation, summon one each day, for however many days in a row as there are demons that you have chosen.

To clarify, each individual ritual will involve summoning multiple demons, unless you choose to work with Lucifer directly, for Lucifer is summoned first with each ritual. You first summon Lucifer, and then ask for permission to summon the other demons. If you are working with a servant, you then summon any required Dukes, receive permission to proceed, then summon the demon servant. If you are working with a Duke or another King, you proceed to them immediately after Lucifer.

Once you complete the working to improve your marketing, which will involve however many demons you feel could assist you at this time, I would advise that you take a day or so off from magick. It is wise to allow the magick to develop and take shape. I know that it can be tempting to rattle off as many rituals as you can squeeze into a day sometimes, but resist this urge if you can. The situation rapidly becomes like one with too many cooks. Let one working ripple out into reality, then weave another.


Greetings shinri, I am aware of the method of calling forth entities in order of rank down to the one to be worked with; it’s an interesting approach that I haven’t read anywhere else. To you and others experienced in this field, does this method seem to produce better results than summoning the desired entity directly? I guess one advantage, in my mind at least, is that you’re building rapport with kings and dukes well before you intend to work with them directly…

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I’m certainly not the most experienced with this magick, but yes in my experience summoning the Dukes prior to the servants allows you to build a relationship with these spirits as well.

You may remember that the text states that Lucifer has all the powers listed for every demon in the book. Similarly, each Duke can wield the powers of each of the servants beneath them. When a servant is said to work under multiple Dukes, its powers are a result of the combined power of the Dukes it serves under.

So, for example, the demon Borob, under Beelzebub, has the power to improve lucid dreams and astral experiences. When working with Beelzebub directly, I have noticed that this power often comes into effect, almost like a “side-effect” of working with Beelzebub, even though I summoned him for his power, to create an increase in personal beauty. It seems that “personal beauty” implies more than one’s physical attractiveness, and can include anything beautiful in one’s life.

I’ve noticed something similar to this occur when working with a demon servant. When summoning a demon of the first rank of servants, under Oriens, Paymon, Ariton, and Amaymon, I often notice Paymon and Amaymon’s powers especially influencing me throughout the day. Paymon will guide me to reflect on what I really want out of a situation, and Amaymon (the wayfinder) will guide me to know the best path forward.

Working with the Kings directly is another matter entirely, however. The Kings represent the four fundamental elements - Air, Water, Fire, and Earth. This is a bit sensationalized, but think of it like this. If you call a servant to remove a box from your home and bring you a different one, they will carry it outside and go fetch a new one. A King will re-shape the box atom-by-atom until it has been transformed into something new. Leviathan does more than just wield the power of chaos - Leviathan is the very force of chaos itself. You can summon this force to bring change as you see fit.


Your insights, specifically about LHD, are invaluable.

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Very enlightening - thanks for taking the time to explain this so clearly

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