Demons that have experience in animal healing

This is Alela, he is a young adult male veiled chameleon. He has been a bit sick the past several months and I was wondering if there are any demons that can heal animals, or even demons that can teach healing that can effect animals.


There are some zodiac angels, so suspect the 72 demons have some animal healers there. Especially considering the variety of masks they wear.


Marbas. :slight_smile:


Try Bael


I got yo look bcse i tnk i read of cows. Cats etc. But i will chk did he see a vet yet?

Not demons, but advice nonetheless.

Patron Saints of animals: St. Anthony of Egypt, St. Anthony of Padua, St. Cornelius, St. Francis of Assisi, and St. Nicholas of Tolentino.

Patron Saints of domestic animals specifically: St. Anthony the Abbot, St. Blaise, St. Pope Sylvester, and St. Vitus.

And the Patron Saint of sick animals specifically is St. Bueno.

Quite literally all Saints and Angles can do miraculous healings.

The four Patron Saints of the impossible are: St. Rita of Cascia, St. Jude Thaddeus, St. Philomena the Wonderworker, and St. Gregory Thaumaturgus (Wonderworker).

And, lastly, but certainly not least, St. Mary, the Blessed Virgin Mother. She has universal patronage.


Yes, but they can’t do much

I know this is a dead topic, but how’s your pet doing? :grinning:


Angel Hariel deals with animals. I know you asked for demons, but I see angels and demons as the same thing, maybe different sides of the same coin. I’d almost say that the 4 archangels and the 4 original gatekeepers could be alter-egos of each other. It’s mostly distortions of ancient gods anyway.
Oh sorry is this dead? I didn’t read the dates…


Alela is doing well, besides the bump on his head he stills moves around. I still have to force feed him though but otherwise he seems happy


It’s alright, thank you for your input!

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Just as @ashtkerr said I have used St.Brigid to heal my cat when he got some essential oils on him that were not healthy for cats.

He was wobbling his eyes were glassy and stared off into the distance. I got a white pillar candle consecrated it to Raphael and played gregorian chant while trying to talk to St.Brigid.

I was looking and praying at this picture.

I was about to drive to the vet hospital 100 miles away, and decided against it last minute.
Within a few hours he was back to normal.


That’s a beautiful icon of St. Brigid. Thank you for your story.

St. Brigid of Ireland, ora pro nobis.