Demons that can force and guide someone to Astral Project?

When I was a child I was able to dream walk, or go into another persons dream without even trying. I could astral project with ease and Lucid dreaming was kind of my default mode, and then I kind of rejected that gift because for like six months a few years back I was convinced that Christianity was true. After that short phase, all I’ve wanted is to get that back, but I can’t seem to make it work like I used to.

Who would you recommend that could force me from my body, or reactivate that gift. I need someone that could train me in that particular area of magick. Thank you in advance!



Any being demon, angel, God, etc can do such, but their work would be pretty much useless if the person cannot see themselves, they can guide you but they can’t make your senses perceive it.

Practice is the thing that can “reactivate” that for you.


I think you inadvertently bound yourself by rejecting your ability, so in my opinion, you need to break the binding before calling some spirit to yank you out.


How would I accomplish that?

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Perform an uncrossing ritual, like a limpia.


i want to learn. I think i’ve astral project before. had glimpse of memory of it and stuff. going through walls etc… Lucid dream sin’t clear to me too. I can’t seem to see clearly when i’m dreaming. Fuzzy pictures . I think my gifts are block somehow. I know i’m intuitive as i have some facial features that says i’m intuitive. face reading stuff.

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Write the Lord’s prayer backwards then burn it. That’s what I did to unlock myself and rid myself of that horrid Christianity.


I don’t have any belief of religion. I’m open minded to do what bruce lee suggest. learn all you can. take what’s useful to you and discard the garbage.


yes they can, just practice and sometimes they call you in dreams and can turn it into and astral proyection, Asmodi, Calamosi and Dantalion have done it with me


Bruce Lee was a wise man.


Hmmm I often wonder if I have similar problems… my christian upbringing had many people plus myself binding all kinds of stuff. But now I believe it’s all BS (well sorta… I mean it is as I used to believe, I interpret it differently now) and I haven’t yet had a conscious AP and not for lack of practice/hypnosis/meditation… I have had a lot of “exorcisms” by crazed Christian fanatics in my life… gonna work out how to unbind myself!

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One of the entities who may help with astral projection is the demon Bathin.


Azazel helped me with this the first time, he pulled me out and supervised me during my trip

Here is the guided meditation I use to use as training wheels

That’s how I personally learned astral projection I learned it from azazel!

Edit: damn two years later, well anyone else who needs help hope this helps cus it helped me!:slight_smile:



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