Demons & Past Demons

When E.A Koetting said Demons will make u fix past problems/ your demons from the past in one of his videos, I at 1st didn’t get it. Now I do. Family issues that had really eaten me up for a long while became a huge focus in my life when I began to work with Lucifer. I felt pushed hard enough I broke my silence on what I didn’t appreciate. With the cat out of the bag, relationships are a bit murky. I’m in a sticky situation, and when I turn to meditate on Lucifer bailing me out, all that comes up in my head is fix that relationship. There’ve been apologies from all involved, besides the 1 person I need that sorry from. Their rational is the sorry has to come from them, and not because it was forced out of them. I need that person in my life, but feel like WTF?! Do stuff and much as it cleary hurt someone, say it’s in the past, don’t dwell in the past, we can’t fix that.U’d think sorry would follow after that, but nop. I told Lucifer what I’d like. At this moment, this person I’m bifn with is a way out. I’m not usually arrogantly proud, but after all the hell I raised, I have a problem with being the one that says sorry. I still have a problem the one person that should have said sorry won’t. In Laveyan Satanism, self deceit is considered a sin. I believe I’m doing just that, but I’m having a problem admitting that. Unfortunately, there’s no way around this. :woman_facepalming: Has anyone else on here had to face their demons?