Demons of Mars

Has anyone here worked with the demons of Mars? I just read two books on the topic: “Revenge ritual” by Basil Crouch and “Infernal magick of destruction” by Lucifer Faustus. Crouch works with Frimrost and Faustus with a whole plethora of demons Mars, but the first thing Faustus says is “Do NOT work with these demons in your home!” and this made me a bit hesitant. So I am thinking: Can these demons really be scarier than Andras, Adramelech and Abaddon, demons that I work with routinely?


Personally, I’d argue working haphazardly with divines of Saturn would likely incur more risk than Demons of Mars. I don’t believe they are anymore dangerous to work with than the beings you’ve listed, but if you feel uncomfortable evoking/invoking them within your home and feel like you cannot properly banish them if they get out of hand, then I’d listen to the warning.


I think the biggest risk is you not being attuned to the energy, and it affecting your home and lived one’s.

I’ve come across the concept to never invite certain types of spirit into your home, either because they just wouldn’t fit and their prescribes was too big for a house or they were so well known for bringing chaos that people say that they send the spirit rather than calling it to themselves.

I think expecting bad shit or chaos to come from the energies or entities sets you up to have something go wrong whether it would normally or not.

I’ve not had any type of spirit not fit in my home, and most adverse affects of their energy lingering can be banished afterwards.

The real concern is whether or not you are experienced with energy- even if you always work with a different type of spirit, you’d still probably be more likely to recognize the signs of fatigue or otherwise be adversely affected- you might get headaches or sick to your stomach or any number of things.

I personally used to get stupid sick to my stomach when doing too much spiritual or energetic work. Now I just feel fatigued, but I very quickly learned to recognize the signs of me overdoing it. (I usually poured my hole self in though, and seeing the signs of this would confirm I was doing something to myself)


Can you recommend any book where I can learn about these divines?

I may not be the best person to ask this to as my only exposure to Saturnian energies is through Lucifuge Rofocale. This is based in the Qliphothic workings.

I can say that “The Cult of the Black Cube” is worth a read when pertaining to Saturn itself. I’ve seen people mention the workings from the Fraternias Saturni, I can’t attest to any validity of the practice though.


I did a couple of the rituals with Lucifuge from Petrucelly’s chapter in Lucifuge - the Lord of pacts from the Gatekeepers series and loved the energy, such a cosmic energy feel.


I’m guessing because an excess of martian energy can create an environment of conflict and/or agression.

Mars being associated with war and so forth


But this is also true for working with Andras if you do not banish properly after your ritual, I have noticed. I’m thinking maybe Faustus exaggerated a bit for some reason. Crouch did not say a thing about it, but then those Finbarr authors usually are not that interested in safety I have noticed, even though they really DO come up with some great rituals.


Yeah that’s basically what I meant with all my phone auto correct and typos above lol.

They say the same things about Andras and you probably just need to banish the extra energy- I’ve never had any issues, but most of the ones I’ve seen could probably be taking care of with a banishing afterwards, as most of those accounts were explaining that basically the chaos hit their lives and their families through the exposure when evoked.

I’ve seen people actually think the demon was going around doing it on purpose because they summoned him in their home instead of elsewhere, or instead of sending him without evoking. Apparently that will cause chaos and discord line makes this guy a rather undesirable guess.

I’ve seen some crazy things, so I try not to rule anything out, but it’s one of those things I think spiritual hygiene would take care of most if not all of the problem.

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Well the Demons of Mars would embody all the especially malefic and destructive qualities of Mars. That is, Brutal Violence, Hatred, Rape, Torture born out of Sadism, Deceit and Lies born out of Hatred and Desire to Harm, Theft and Robbery through Violent Means, and so on.

So, having the personifications of these qualities and the spirits who have been stationed under Mars to actually cause these things to occur in the world in your home without banishing can certainly lead to very ill effects, and if it the working is particularly powerful, can be dangerous to the unprotected.


I am reading this book, I am not sure whose hair you have to add to the sigils of these Mars demons.

In my opinion (may be for recommendation of a book too) that you work with the Planetary Intelligences of the sphere/planet, it’s the Planetary Intelligences that control the Angels, Demons and Spirits from the sphere. If work along with the Intelligence most of the Demons energy and chaos will be controlled and given a focal point, rather than to get loose. And that thing from “don’t do it in your home” is a warning that some magicians put because most of the people who do “spells/rituals” sometimes don’t do banishings before and after the ritual, that’s why some energy can get attached to objects and in yourself. In a book called Liber Astrum from the author Hecate Apuliensis, you have a easy method to contact a Intelligence if that’s your will.

When I worked with the Goetics spirits/daemons I would just use a Pathworking and a sigil from the book Goetia Pathworking. I always do the banishing before the ritual, but I don’t do after (sometimes I like to feel the power of the magick), but in doesn’t took to long to the energy of the evocations start to get attached in walls and in the objects. Random cracks, black stains appearing and things breaking or degrading. Rather than I do a banishing after the ritual (like I say, I like to feel the power of the magick) I now use the method of calling the Angels to guide the energy and the work (and no, the Daemons don’t get “offended” if you use the Angels), thus I still feel the energy but the sometimes destructive and chaotic energy don’t get dispensed in the area and is targeted to the goal.