Demons of Magick: Three Practical Rituals for work with The 72 Demons by Gordon Winterfield

The invocation is done at the core ritual at the end of it to seal it., when invocation complete, you call out to the shem angel again

Yes, I am working with the demons of magick. I am fairly new to demon magick in general and I noticed something as stated by Gordon (the author). That they may surprise you in the way that they work but you will get results. This post is actually a public proclamation of me working with 2 demons from his book. Amducias and Orias. I had some little financial crisis and I used the connective invocation. I always use connective invocation. I called upon each at different times to help change my landlord’s mind from taking me out of the house as he has already made up his mind ( I owed 2 months rent) and when it was getting time for his deadline. At that same time. Exactly at the time 8 pm someone i asked for help a day before completed the first-month rent for me. I made the first-month completion for the rent and he allowed me to stay. I haven’t finished up the payments though. But the energy made me think of the right person to call and also provided me the help that made him change his mind. I just have some kind of faith in this work. Hail Amducias and Orias.


Something interesting again. When i perform the rituals i feel this sensation (pressure) on my forehead. Even while studying the book. Even now as i type on this topic. Like electric pulses on the inside and sometimes, it gets stronger on the tip of my forehead of in between my eyebrows. Can someone help me explain what the hell is wrong with me?.


Get used to it


I used ritual I with three demons, so far l’ve only seen results with Zepar, the difference Is I got a big high quality print of the seal for that ritual while I used a small tablet screen for the others, so I would recomend you to print the seals on paper if you only have the Kindle version


Welcome @Gopal. Please post an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience you may have in magick. It is a rule of this forum.

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Updating here: I entered into an agreement with Duke Berith and pledged 90 days of sobriety in exchange for a boost in personal discipline and the ability to make smarter financial decisions. Shortly after the 90 days were over, I came home and checked the mail. I received an unexpected check that was a little over $2500. Apparently it was money owed to me by a payday loan company that was fleecing their customers. I haven’t had a payday loan in years so I knew right off the bat this was Berith hooking me up.


Is this so? I’ve never done the full system. I’ve tried it starting from the core ritual and made contact but the presence of entities may linger for a few hours annoyingly

I just bought this book yesterday and reading through it. Gonna write out then practice the steps…


One tip I’ve found is do the whole process. Don’t skip anything. Don’t edit it or customize it at least until way later.

One thing that bugged me about GoM books at first is they tend to go on and on in laborious details (some say this about my posts too but hey :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) and you have to digest 40-70 pages of details before getting the the actual Magick. However, I admit they go into this for a reason so really pay attention to the early stuff. It pays off later. Once you learn the steps it comes alive!!



There’s definately more steps to this than anything else I’ve done before. I also don’t have the greatest workspace to burn things, though I may just rip up the siphon and burn in a bowl after…

I don’t personally use the ritual that involves paper or the cipher or even flame. I use method 2 (connective) or method 3 (full evocation) only. I did the paper ritual once and was so bored with the cipher conversion that I preferred the other ones. Some people use that method and have great results but it wasn’t quite for me.


Are you fucking kidding me that people who downloaded this book are cursed? I found it on the PDF world downloaded page

Yes, the curse is supposed to make your magick more ineffective.

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You fucking kidding me this only applies to the magic practiced from this book or the magic practiced by me in general

I’m not too sure but it would make sense that it would be in general.

On this page they explain a bit about the curse in two questions near the bottom of the page -

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how do I get rid of this curse will it be enough to ask Archangel Michael for purification?

I believe they have said that purchasing the book will cause the curse to fade (its apparent intent is to stop piracy of their works). Deleting the stolen file could also be helpful, but considering the kindle version is $10 I’d just buy the book.

Performing the opening call to the archangels, as described in the book, should be effective as a cleanser, especially when done consistently over several days.


Q: Have you cursed illegal downloads?

A: We have cursed those who share the books illegally, and all who download illegally. Petty theft is the ultimate self-curse. If you steal books that cost a few dollars and then do magick, guess what happens? The magick amplifies the feeling of being a thief. You remain poor! People who steal never get magick to work the way it should. That curse on the self is stronger than any curse we could put in place.


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How about just pay for the book…