Demons of Clairaudience

As many of you know, I struggle with perceiving things beyond this world, and because of my inherent skepticism from years of scientific training, subtle communication from the other side isn’t sufficient for me. Now, I know there are people who can hear spirits as audible, distinct voices apart from themselves that sound as though they originate from a separate physical source. Obviously, I don’t have that ability, but I’m wondering if I can get it.

So, I’m planning to evoke a demon to request two things. 1) For that specific demon to manifest a distinct voice apart from my own to use to communicate with me clearly, and 2) for the demon to help me be able to more easily distinctly hear other spirits as well. I realize I may have to request this more than once, and that it may take some time, but I know this needs to be the next step for me.

My question is, which demon would be best to evoke for this purpose?


Sastan, although not a demon he is perfect for helping develop psyhic facuilties.


Paltator, Mepsitahl, Paralda and many others if you look for them!
I am working on my Clairaudience too since I just don’t believe that the voices in my head are not mine. I have been able to get audibles but only when I am half awake, and it’s hard to remember what was said afterwards.
Wish you the best! Good luck!


I also worked with paralda and helped me really quick, i’ve only been able to hear a clear external voice a few times when i was meditating really deep and it scared the shit outta me it always happens when im not expecting it, the most weird thing is that i can sometimes even fell like the air of someone talking to my ear.


i am gonna take that as a note :wink:


Sastan hasn’t helped me when I tried gazing at his sigil. Also doing scrying with water and mirror(using turned off ipad at mirror) I haven’t seen or heard anything

I used the sigil of Mepsitahl three days ago to try to increase my clairaudience, several times I’ve had a voice in my head of a man who sounds like a 1960’s BBC news reader always incredibly useful but when it happens makes me jump it’s like a loud speaker that has the sound up.
Since I contacted Mepsitahl my third eye keeps being jittery and it’s like someone has a lump of cotton wool under my forehead just above my eyes and every now and again they waggle it has anyone else had the experience? and is there a result from that? I would like to hear if anyone has had similar experiences.


These are very interesting suggestions, I’ll be sure to check them out. I’m curious, though - are there any members of the Goetia that are good for developing strong clairaudience?

Read through the Goetia and see, though I don’t think there is, because it was expected that the student would already have the skills required before calling upon the “evil” spirits of the Lesser Key of Solomon.

The thing is, development of the senses happens naturally the more you evoke and practice the skills of magick. While spirits can aid you, there is no escaping doing the work yourself. No spirit is going to do it all. My clairaudience is my strongest natural sense but I still have to work hard to develop it.

In his evocation course, EA uses Sastan, Mesphital, and Paralda to help with development of the senses. He also gives an exercise where you write down 5 questions to ask, open a spirit seal, and ask the questions, making sure to write down the answers you hear in your mind. Do this for 5 different spirits, and a few days later look over the answers and you will be able to differentiate your own inner voice from that of a spirit by its syntax and pattern.

Edit to add: If you really are stuck on the spirits of the Lesser Key, you might consider doing the 72 Challenge and evoking each one, and asking them to open the aspect of the mind that they are associated with:


Word, Paralda, and Sastan have done wonders for clairaudience and clairvoyance for me so far, incredibly quick as well.


Im working through the evockation mastery coarse as well, i just finised evoking paralda recently am about to embark upon what you just posted. I’m interested in your work with the Goetia as well, have you heard of the goeticon? 72 headed Dragon methgod of the Goetia? Check out V.K.Jahanumm’s website he has killer info plus excercises