Demons & Native American flute music?

Ok since I got this phone I downloaded Pandora and I didn’t really get into this kind of music until I started to meditate, so tonight I was in my feelings at work so when I got home I decided to listen to my normal hip hop & rb to get these feeling out and as soon as I walk into my room were my atlar resides the station atuto magically went to the flute station I have on my Pandora? It just feels good to be intune with the spiritual world. has this ever happened to anyone else?

Yes. I had the same experience, though not specifically flute music. For example, Belial liking, “BOOMBAYAH”. Now that’s a mainstream K-Pop song, and I was both amused and disbelieving, like WTF? Tried to go deeper into it, listen carefully… and whaddya know, the instrumental and the chorus has a Native American chanting + feel to it (though some say it’s Indian). In fact, I read further that the song was quite controversial because people claim it’s “cultural appropriation”!
With flute music, demons/spirits I’ve encountered did like it, though mine is more of ancient Chinese music. But I still think it depends on the spirit’s personality, as well as the kind of relationship you have with him/her. :slight_smile:

One similar thing I’ve noticed about (Goetic) demons so far is liking classical music. Not all, but for example: Focalor, who’s not even into music, had Mozart’s “Lacrimosa” and Tchaikovsky’s “Pas de Deux” on repeat, both in my head and my phone. :joy: