Demons in Dreams

Hey guys, how’ve you been? I’ve had some freaky dream experiences lately that some of you might be able to relate to.

Sometimes I have bad dreams where I’m half-asleep and vulnerable and lower vibrational beings bother me. They either squeeze or hurt me in some way and it gets annoying because when I’m in that state I don’t usually remember that I’m control and that there’s nothing to fear. In one instance I could feel this being next to me, bothering me, and I was able to envision zapping it with lightning and it kind of hissed and crawled away from me.

Sometimes envisioning things like that works and sometimes it doesn’t, like I tried to imagine burning some of these bothersome spirits and nothing. I think I just need to get myself out of their vibration range… if that makes sense. They don’t seem like intelligent spirits.

On another note I’ve had dreams with what I assume were demonic entities that weren’t unpleasant. Recently I saw two demons I think, on my bed with me and one of them looked like a black sea urchin, all spiky bits. It was holding my hand and saying things to me, but I couldn’t hear. That usually happens in those situations, I can’t hear well.

The demons I dream of lately don’t ever seem to be human-sized, they’re the smaller, gobliny kinda ones.


Did you have cookies before bed? It could be the Keebler elves :smile:


For lower vibrational entities just laugh. It sounds fucking stupid but the laughter will just clear them away. Light a candle that makes you happy. Clean your sleeping area. Do a banishing ritual


Interestingly, I have experienced this exactly as you have described.
I made a very similar post just a couple of days ago, seeking advice for this issue.
These lower parasitic entities seem to try feeding from our aura and energies at night because that is when we are most vulnerable.

Have you been cleansing/banishing? I neglected it for a while, and it’s no wonder the attacks were starting to happen more frequently.

I have also seen those spikey black urchin things, as well as mechanical arachnid/spider creatures. The variety of astral entities is so interesting.

What sort of feeling do you get with the goblin/imp-like demons?

Sounds more fey than demon. Possibly you have attracted a few unseely types that pinch and irritate there humans lol. Try talking backwards as that puts you on neutral terms with fae. Also put some sage and moonstone near the bed. Usually they show up when your not dealing with something obvious and they pestering to make you do something.


I feel like they like me, or want to attach to me or just be around me.