Demons,Gods, for artistic inspiration?

I know this isn’t really something that serious like putting a destruction spell on someone or speaking with the dead but it’s something as a creative I find interesting. I’ve been suffering from writers block lately and I haven’t had any fresh ideas for art, song writing etc. I’ve heard some demons and gods have creative elements like Lucifer,Athena,King Paimon,Brigid,but I haven’t found a deity who specializes in creativity especially in art. Possibly a spirit that can inspire me through dreams or scrying?
Does anyone have any ideas?

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King Paimon is a master of all Arts and Sciences.

Mammy’aon, from the Book of Azazel, is a demonic muse

Uriel is the Archangel of Creativity and Prophecy.

In the Greek Pantheon, The Muses govern creativity specifically.

Most spirits that specialize in the mind can help with creativity, but elemental beings of Water, like King Nichsa and his Undines, who govern the emotions, can help as well.


I’m a writer too. And I very often call Lucifer for inspiration. I do a kind of quick evocation/meditation asking him to inspire me and usually works. Sometimes I got in some sort of trance and he kind of writes through me. He uses words that sometimes I don’t even know the meaning haha he loves do that. Writing “himself” but he can also just ‘clean your mind’ so your inspiration comes back :wink:

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