Demons Feeling Love

Ok, so I had this experience years ago but I will never forget it. I was taking an afternoon nap and what I saw was so vivid that I cannot dismiss it as a mere dream. An entity caressed my face ever so lovingly and I think the entity was a demon because of the way its hand looked. I have searched for something that can resemble as close to the hand that I saw. This image is the best I could find.

Throughout my life I have always felt something guarding me and even possessive of me. Anyone know what it could all mean? Anyone else experience something similar?


I think the beings we class as “demons” can become attached to people, and it’s also possible it was a nature spirit, or one of the many beings who fit no simple classification. :thinking:

I wrote this about demons and love, a while ago: "In Darkness Bound" And The Psychology Of Demons.


From ages 7-18 I had a demonic attachment who was a similar type of figure, a guardian and protector. Demons can feel and experience love, not all demons are “pure evil”.


Are there books on demonic attachments?

Unfortunately I know of none, but I’m sure you can find posts and the like from others.

Honestly, the word ‘attachment’ could be seen in different ways. I’m assuming you’re talking about emotional attachments and not (just) energetic attachments, right?

That’s awesome! Demons are what a person think about them or what a person wishes from them. I had for some years great group sex with demons, totally wild and it was the best sex ever. Now I prefer 1 on 1 sex with demons it is sex and love and it’s awesome.


Group sex with demons? I am curious how that would work out? Was it energetically feeling all this sexual energies around you? Or did these demons actually manifest themselves to you?

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I think both. I am not sure as it is all new to me.

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I have been so curious about wanting to see these beings in my waking reality and not just in between sleep and wake.

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I sent a PM. Some of it is personal. There’s more, but that’s what seemed most relevant to your question.

Is like touchings and licking and also very physical in the darkness it’s a very dinamic exchange of energy and lots of different energy signatures like succubis and incubis. Like 3 or 4 sex demons.

Demos are one of many race of beings that can and do experience emotional attachments like humans and any other race that isn’t hive minded.

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You manifest them through sigils, pendulum or ouija board to open the portal but through evocation and chanting might also work maybe

And this is where it gets dangerous for beginners who don’t know what it is they’re opening the door for. It’s not unheard of that lower entities tell gullible people everything they want to hear just to get access to them. Not quite on topic, but I thought it was relevant to point out that this is not a safe way for communication.

Back on topic: I have felt ”something“ around me for all my life, a very protective energy that always gave off a masculine, assertive, but also very elegant and sophisticated vibe. Turns out it was a ”demonic king“ that I recognized and was able to identify only many years later.


Was it Paimon


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King Paimon is a very good teacher, he’s been a bit strict with me

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