Demons appearing as someone we know?

I tried searching for this but only found one thread saying it was possible, nothing on plausible or if any demons are known for this.

Long story short, I attempted to evoke shax again today because I’ve seen his name in the flame of a candle I burned several times. I requested he visit my dreams to help me clarify things/ why I keep crossing his name.

I then proceeded to attempt to evoke sabnock for another a reason. I made request to her(?) then felt extremely tired so laid down to take nap. As I falling asleep I focused on shax, and felt pretty wide awake compared to a few minutes before.

I had a strange dream. Woke up rolled over, and was at the start of the same dream again. Different things happened, but the gist was the same. As the dream neared it’s end I sat down and was focused on contsiners of candy at my feet. A lady I know came up beside me and told me she was sorry it didn’t work out, but was I sure I wanted complete and total removal, she then told me I would need to fill out a lot of paperwork, but that if I did I could have it on the 20th.

I was baffled and turned to her and said, “ how do you know that I haven’t told a single person.” Her response was “we’ll see on the 20th then.”

I woke up in the dream but I was still in a dream and in a bed wrapped in a striped comforter, laying on my right side. I felt an overpowering prescense behind me and tried to roll over, knowing that it was a demon and it had taken the form of someone I knew. I tried to ask it as I rolled very very slowly about the 20th, because I thought it was the 18th and only a few days away. I also wondered why it appeared as someone I knew and heard in my head, so that it wouldn’t scare me.

I woke up then for real, rolling over to my left like I had been in the dream. I really haven’t told anyone I know about what the demon had said, and only one person at all as I was looking for help on it.

I’m not sure what to make of it, and if there’s paperwork… astrally? I can’t astral travel so … I dk, lost here and not even sure which demon visited me though it was female in my dream I feel it was more likely sabnock than shax who I was trying to get to visit my dreams.

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Yeah they do that sometimes. I remember I used a sigil for paltator he’s an angel of psychic abilities he came to me in a dream and took the form of my best friend only to tell me that I wasn’t ready yet. :joy: Your fear and acceptence levels are a big part of how they appear.


Interesting, thought I was over that but I mean. Still new/ haven’t really manifested anything so. Seems plausible