Demons and their favorite countries

Of course the demons respond everywhere on the globe. The process of communication from Paul Watzlawick applies to spirits too.
It seems that some of the Goetia spirits indeed have favorite countries. Is there an exact list of the favorit countries of each demon?

Does anyone know the demonic who has special preference for:


Maybe, one possible way of discovering which demons like which countries, is by identifying the ruling angels of said countries and looking for their opposing demons, although this would be heavily biased by the Judaic or Christian lore.

Speaking of that, it seems that the modern conception of ‘country’ seems a bit too arbitrary. Like, we can’t even agree on the actual number of existing countries, and even if we did, that number could well change within a few years. Maybe, you could look for the energy and preferences of each demon and then find the countries where these energies are present in a more strong way. But that would give you a list of territories, not necessarily countries. And, depending on the demon, wherever there are humans, there would also be his/her energies.

Overall, I think the best way to find out would be to evoke a few demons and ask them about their favorite countries. Then, you gather a group of other practitioners and keep evoking until you can verify one another’s UPG’s. Lastly, you publish the first book ever on Geodemonology and make some money :slight_smile:

So, as far as I know, there isn’t such a list.


This is actually a good question. I think someone like Rashoon is fond of Latin America for the huge dance culture.

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