Demons and numbers

I was wondering if there is a connection between Demons and numbers.
I mean, I always read 66 many times every day so My question is: is there a specific Demon connected to this number?
I was thinking to Azazel.
Any experience ?


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Hi @Vovin, This is synchronization. And like Angels Demons can communicatie with numbers and of course with other means. 66 Focus on spirituality, not on materialization

Mostly it’s not connected to a specific entity. But the message can be of a specific entity

While I will not dismiss Azazel as it is per your experience I would like to say the Noble President and Prince Gaap rules over 66 legions.

Non coincidentally he is the 33rd demon of the Goetia.

Indeed, it should be possible to find elemental and planetary (so, along the way, zodiacal too) correspondences for the numbers. I now remembered the tables by Agrippa, in them 1 = Lucifer. Instead, about planet, I believe that 1 = Sun and 2 = Moon, for example.
66 may undergo “theosophical reduction”: 6+6=12, so it can either remain 12 or become 3…

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