Demons and Angels, Psalms

Do any of you practice spell work and rituals with the goetic spirits

And then with other situations use spells and ritual with angels or folk magic using psalms?

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I’ve called on goetic demons for three years now and yes, had miraculous and strange occurrences and been helped

But some part of me feels it’s time to balance that by approaching similar situations in my struggle through the angels. And even using Saints or folk magic.

I’m not a Christian by any means, but I feel there is a mystery here to explore, study and find power in that someone remaining in “a hateful tone of everything Christian” because magic is supposed to be “dark and spooky” is sort of a short sighted way to keep from maki g progress…

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Yep. sometimes I will do an angelic ritual in the afternoon, and a demonic ritual in the evening…or vice versa.

i think it should be pointed out, though, that angels are not tied to Christianity. They can be evoked in many different ways, even using demonic conjurations (they may not like it, though).


Is there a book on rituals to invoke the angels or which method is practical?

Yep, you can shift from demonic to angelic workings, and vice versa. You may even call upon angels to shield you when you’re working with Goetic spirits—that is if you’re iffy about evoking demons unprotected.

I think it would only become a problem if you’re targeting the same person and trying to achieve the same thing. Like, I wouldn’t employ angels to heal a friend and then send them demonic healing energy.

Try the book Angels of Omnipotence. There are a lot of rave reviews about it here.

There doesn’t seem to be anywhere one can find the seals and ritual metaerial for contacting the angels online as much

Yeah, I agree. A lot of what you find for angels online sucks. The demon people share better stuff. They just go for the jugular without so much new age fluff.

The modern books, too, just seem to make up their own stuff. Their own sigils and seals. They talk about reading the books of yore in special libraries and collections, but at the end of the day they don’t seem to really reference the classical designs much.

Strangely, one of the best moderns books I’ve found for them is Damien Nichol’s book “Angels & Archangels”

I am highly suspicious of Echol’s, funny enough, but dang… there’s no doubt it’s a good book!

This site is kind of good, but it doesn’t have seals/sigils/whatever you want to call them.

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Baal Kadmon’s book is pop occultism, for effectively calling on the Angels, but leaves out anything else.

This is the best one IMHO. The same 72 angels of the Shemhamphorash:

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Hello, i use angels sigil keys of calls what do you think

Hello everyone!

It looks like Damien Echol’s book is a profound guide to operating with the Angels. I have worked to get the help of the Goetic demons for four or five years and had strange results, good results and terrible results.

Goetic demons can increase your personal issues if not respectfully approached and balanced with other forms of activities that help to cleanse, ground and sanctify the person using their help.

I think it’s time for me to explore more of working with these strange and mysterious angels, and this book by Echol’s is pretty in-depth and amazing!

72 angels of magick by Damon brand

Archangels of Magick by Damon brand

Black magic evocation of the Shem ha mephorash by Gilles de Laval

Angelic sigils, keys and calls by Ben woodcraft

Angelic trance magick by Ben woodcraft

Angels of miracles and manifestation by embrosewyn tazkuvel

The sacred temple of the angels by ars Aurora.

Universal magick by corwin hangrove

The titles I have mentioned each have it’s method and they all work. Good luck on your angelic venture :blush: