Demonic strengthening of Discipline and Character

First off, thank you for doing all of this. Your practical, no-nonsense approach to occultism is a breath of fresh air in a world of armchair dogmatists. It really makes a difference.

Anyhow, a while back I posted on your message board asking for help attracting clients and customers to my business. To say the very least, the operation was a success, and the financial situation of my business is completely turned around. The BALG community is a great resource.

As a result of the booming business, I find myself having a lot of work to do. Paperwork, accounting, taxes and things of that nature. The trouble is that this kind of work is somewhat of an Achilles heel of mine, though I can’t be certain wheter fear of failure or anti-authoritarian aversion to paperwork is the main source of my hesitance.

I realize that I need to get out of my own way and get things done, if I want to keep this momentum going. After all, I’m still looking to expand further. I’ve found some help in connecting with the ethics of my ancestors (Norse, hard workers), but I want to utilize demonic help with developing and strengthening my discipline and work ethic as well.

This brings me to the core of my question. I’ve heard both you and others say that one cannot expect to work closely with demons without taking on some of their characteristics. There are definitely benefits to be had from this, but there are drawbacks as well. Do you know of any ways to keep from becoming the ghoulish embodiment of a cartoonish stereotype? I work closely with people I trust, who are quite dear to me, and I wouldn’t want them to have to deal with undue aggression or other severe imbalance on my part as a result of this operation.

Finally, do you have any general advice on working on self betterment by way of evocation? Altering our circumstances is one thing, would you say altering ourselves is another altogether?

Best regards,