Demonic Sigils

I’m curious if anyone knows how the sigils, for example the goetic sigils, were discovered.

I recently found out that my demonic patron is Xaphan and I’m having a tough time trying to find out where this demon’s sigils are from. For right now, I see them coming from a Pinterest page and I have a bit of info from Jacques Albin Simon Collin de Plancy’s Dictionnaire Infernal article on Wikipedia for Xaphan. Additionally, I don’t have a copy of this, so I don’t know if there is only a description of this demon, or if there is actually a sigil and a description like in the Lesser Key.

If anyone has any info, or has worked with Xaphan, I could really use your knowledge/gnosis. Thank you!

Reason I’m asking is because I would like to figure out the sigil for this spirit, but I’m not sure how to contact a spirit if you don’t know their sigil. I think a sigil is like a telephone.

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There is a sigil for Xaphan here
and a website with another one, which seems different; but this 2nd sigil is mostly hidden behind a portrayal of the entity.

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You’ve got the name don’t you?

You can sigilize that and use it, asking for a more proper or personal sigil from Xaphan when you feel you’ve made good contact.

You can chant or vibrate the name to call them.

Make sure you follow good precautionary procedures so you don’t get impostors or whatever.

Since there’s not a given sigil it seems, anything you might find is likely to be someone’s creation anyway (though possibly channeled).

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Thank you for this info.

Interestingly, I asked Xaphan for a sign and tonight as I was driving to drop off someone’s door dash order, I noticed a huge fire on the treeline by a frontage road off of a major highway. I quickly stopped the car and got out and tried to put out the fire, but it quickly got more and more intense and I called the fire department. As I’m fighting the fire, they get there and spray it down. They told me that someone has been going around town and lighting fires, and this was their third one that evening. Any way, Xaphan is said to have lit Heaven on fire. Very interesting sign on the one day I ask for one from this demon.

I made the six similar sigils using the letter method. Found out that VK Jehannum does indeed have a channeled sigil for this demon! He showed me the article himself! I was having trouble finding it because the article isn’t titled only with his name.