Demonic Sigil For Those Struggling In Magick

Hello hello, brothers and sisters. Here I have for you a transmogrified Sigil comprised of sigils for Lilith, Lucifer, and Leonard.

The functions of the sigil are as follows:

  1. To embrace your deepest and darkest fears. Guided by Lilith, master of the shadow self, she will not hesitate to make you face yourself and accept your true nature.
  2. To turn your weaknesses into strengths. Guided by Lucifer, master of intelligence, he shall aid you in transmuting what hinders you into what propels you forward.
  3. To completely merge yourself with all that magick is. Guided by Leonard, master of sorcery, magick shall no longer remain a mystery. You shall become one with the path and grow exponentially as a magician.

Note: If you try to summon these entities through this sigil they will appear as one entity. If you want that smoke, go for it.


So how do i use this?

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By firstly having a desire to use this sigil. Secondly, by gazing upon the sigil, understanding its functions, and invoking the power of the sigil into your life by impressing it on your unconscious mind. This is usually done through meditation and visualization.


I like it. Will try not to derail this one!

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Good luck!

Thank you

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You are very welcome. I wish you much success.

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Just used it

I feel a Unification of sorts with Magic. Like some Doctor Strange type shit

I may need to work with the Leonard spirit

More info on him @Eeikmem?

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This link explains a bit more about him: Leonard

His wiki has an interesting tidbit as well: Leonard (demon)

Infernal powers obtained from the worship of Master Leonard range from metamorphosis into monstrous animals or men to flight as an incubus.

I have yet to work with him personally, but I feel strongly that he is a true master of all things sorcery and witchcraft.


Sounds like transmutacion, i would like to evoke him too.

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Go for it, good luck!