Demonic sense of humor

Some of us grew up with tv shows with a lot of tongue in cheek humor. One of my favorite depictions is when demons are involved, for example the red guy on cow and chicken. I need to know how demons feel about these sorts of portrayals. I’ve always got the feeling, due to their rebellious nature, they’d have a sort of dark or crude sense of humor. I’ve always imagined them constantly poking fun at certain aspects of human life such as religion (much as we humans tend to do) as well as cracking up when we join in the fun. The jokes I’ve always felt were crude and cartoonish and yet speak to a sort of primal immaturity. Do demons enjoy these sorts of cartoons and portrayals?


Well, the truth is I know I’m really touching something marvelous when the puns won’t stop and the wit is sharper than a sword’s edge. So yeah, I can see them having one helluva sense of humor.

Here at the house we want to dedicate a corner to Paimon. (The house is getting carved up sorta.) What we’re looking for? A statue of the Purple Pie-man of Porcupine Peak. Yes, this is done with a demon involved. Puns galore.

But you know: I’ve also seen some pretty serious moments.

So I’d think really it depends on the intent and thoughts behind any jests, as it were.

Id love to see demons on this plane and all their beauty just so peoples jaws drop and think they are angels and they come back with a witty " Nope"

Better yet they lead the observer one with all these glorious promises and then do nasty - oh wait. Doesn’t that already happen? In DC. :wink:

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Marbas first appeared to me as the red guy, from Cow, and Chicken, bare assed, and everything.


A lot of times when someone appears to me they’re all serious, and when I look them up it turns out they’re imitating some classical image of them somewhere. Think I’d prefer Cow and Chicken, although maybe not - I’d wonder if what I saw was real if that were the case. So the poor dears have to take an extra effort to choose obscure things I have to look up as confirmation.

The red guy was classic x miss that show