Demonic Possession Real or Fake?

Is all demonic possession fake? If is not, then someone being possessed by said demon would probably know more about the other side, and the actual demonic spiritual histories, then say a mere human would?

I would like to know the proper protocol to reveal one’s true self on here. What is acceptable to you people?

I think one of the saddest parts of the forum is how some people get off chasing away newbies for sport.

I have tried to give tongue in cheek advice for incoming deities.

I also fucking love where the lines are drawn too. We are all fucking crazy here, okay. No one can rightly claim the sanity card on other member here.

I was hoping in vain to finally found a place I could finally reveal my true Self and nature to some degree.

Some advice a real god or demon or what ever doesn’t need for rituals. The power is always innate.


Demonic possession is real!
To know ones true self is a journey…one I have had to undertake…to my core…stripped bare! So many questions! So many doubts! So much alone!


One of my succubus knows all the notes on my fretless bass and always nails them with perfect timing, I don’t know if that counts.


It’s real I believe - very religious past. Countless exorcisms.

However, 99 % of the time I saw people hiss, writhe and act scary… I would say was the effect of mass hysteria and overactive imagination. And mental illness

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We know more about the spiritual realm! We our the beings blessed with free will! Born with choices! X

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I never want to take away from the fact that many people have natural gifts and yet I do believe various spirits have aided many throughout the millennia and through human vessels working with the human spirit, created works that are astounding in all fields. The writing/hissing etc, could be Hollywood, fakes, or it could be beings not synced up and stuck. I have forgotten things, had lost time, felt odd in the head (though I think that was a result of a merchant who knew a spell in hopes to get me to buy their peddled wares), etc.

I seek full blown conversations and interactions with spirits and aligning my vibrations correctly to meld more easily while possessed. So far I’ve tried some of the more easy methods that I believe work like meditation, and sexual dance. I asked for health and healing in specific parts and it wasn’t instant but has been working well. My mood is greatly improved. My next steps is finance (which I do well with most of the times even if it is so little as managing money isn’t too hard even if this vacation I have been spoiling myself but I saved up for it).

Posession for me is a way to develop a special bond with the spirits that I am working with. It helps me to attune to their energy and makes communication easier. I am not developed enough yet to fully get all the information that they give me so I wouldn’t say that I have a better understanding of the other side. Since I started using possession I have been growing leaps and bounds faster than ever though.


I do not believe all cases are fake. Are there fakes? Of course, or at the very least mistaken experiences. But to say that there are not cases where it is real would be depending on an absolute. And we have had a history of disproving absolutes throughout history as a species.

Sure, lots of information would be exchanged when two spirits reside in one body.

My friend, do you remember what I commented to you once about how people view others who are two steps ahead of them as opposed to just one? One step is a genius, two is a madman. There will always be things that are and are not acceptable to others, for various things. But the question is: does it matter?

I agree.

Well I do call myself the Mad Sorcerer…lol

:slight_smile: I agree, but it takes time for many to get to that point. Or they enjoy the experience, much like how i do.


Is it real? Well thats a bit subjective, but for the sake of the question, yes, but in two parts.

I think for the practitioner its a voluntary act, like we choose to this, i choose to have spirits in me for their guidance, i choose to look deep in myself and the spiritual planes to bring the energy forward and manifest. Those who do it in this sense, I dont see it as possession. This is voluntary and seeks a higher purpose in doing so, whatever that purpose may be, but its the magi remaining in control of the situation. So is this possession? If its by your own free will and accord that a foreign energy (or even a higher form of our own) is allowed inside and to take the wheel of our bodies, no I do not believe it is, we are in control ultimately.

The other being the involuntary possession, which is a whole different boat. As having known a few “exorcists” in the past, i feel these people were charlatans, who preyed on those spiritually weak and told them what they wanted to hear. That they had “demons” living in them, that they needed God and Jesus to save them, to repent, and accept him. I knew something was wrong in this, it felt more like a staged event, like a play, and they would force their energy to these people, making them writhe on the floor, spitting, screaming, cursing until they accepted Jesus. Unfortunately for those individuals that they had told them that they were possessed, it never goes away for them. It eats them alive, it plants a seed of fear and doubt which parasites just love to feast on. That’s what these things are, are parasites in a host that they can take over and manipulate, and the exorcist since they have no real power or understanding of higher spiritual beings sans the new testament, is like a wasps nest, full of parasites, just swarming with doubt and disease. Parasites, archons, whatever you choose to call them. These are the creatures of this type of possession. I’ve met quite a few who have said they’ve been “demonically” possessed, but all I saw were scared children being preyed upon by a snake oil salesman and his parasites. So is this possession? Yes, since they are under control of another, and do not have the ability to be in control.

Just my two cents on this topic, maybe a bit derailed.

Only if YOU are like me. So, if you suck at playing bass and your succubus can do things you can’t, then yes, it does count.

Also, your succubus sounds awesome.

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I have been possesed against my own will when demon came into my room and me from my stupid curiosity and being “not afraid” i let him touch me just to see what will happen, and when he got it’s permission to come in contact with me, it just jumped into my body and it was the worst and most scariest seconds of my life, i really tough that i was going to die and never get back control of my own body again, but somehow i managed to do it. I regret gratefully my own stupid naive ass, being stupidily not afraid, just to “see” what happens. Well nothing good happened ofcourse :unamused:

It’s totally real. So is sex with a demon. I was extremely skeptical- then it happened. There are no words in language to describe it, except, maybe ecstatic. It’s unlike anything you’ll ever experience.

It’s real but not everything that possess someone is a demon and there are different kinds and I’m not sure if demons are so bored enough to, earthbound spirits, the dead and other things, maybe, it’s only called demonic possession because demons are synonymous with evil. Oppression vs Possession. Possession can be a good thing or a bad thing, you can be willingly or against your will either way when someone’s truly possesed you can find out by asking questions. Like their name, where they’re from, if they start saying crap about the devil sent them, they’re either lying, is not a demon or the person that’s possesed is actually having a psychotic episode. Observe if they can speak in tongues and their native language to know how deep the possession goes. I wouldn’t think much people in this forum had much experience with anything like this. Demons operate differently than other lesser spirits, I’ve never had a demon create problems for me even, their energy is overwhelming, that’s all when you’re new to it but things like the dead, earthbound spirits, they can create issues, they’re more unpredictable. For some, Jinns even create problems.