Demonic numerology number 0?

My demon guides use numbers to get my attention And I’ve been seeing 0 everywhere
So what does 0 mean in demonic numerology?

It means it doesnt exist, nonexisting, empty space, you know ?

it means not anything

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Lucifer has used 6 to get my attention

Have you never heard of numerology?

Ok so here is what I think about the numbers repeating. I believe that spirits use the numbers for personal signs. If you truly believe that 0 is nothing, and you start seeing 0 everywhere the spirit is taking advantage of your surroundings to tell you that X=nothing. It’s all about what I means too you.

I’ll give an example. Say I believe that 6 is a number of communication of spirits. Im currently working with X spirit. I have recently asked the spirit for help on a certain situation. I go out to town and buy something and I look at the receipt and it say $6.66 to me this would mean it’s time to contact the spirit about the progress on its work.

I’m not claiming this to be true but this is just what I experienced.

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There’s not really such a thing as “demonic” numerology, slapping demonic on something doesn’t make it exist lol. 0 in just plain numerology however, means the all, the infinite possibilities, and potential. 0 spiritually means the beginning of a journey, the fool tarot, a beginner who starts his journey.


Tat not count. According to demonolatras some numbers are given to demons to pass tru astrology birt charts to adepts.0 not count.

Did I say slapping demonic on something makes it exist?

Idk did you slap demonic onto numerology. :thinking:

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