Demonic lessons and trials without provocation

I’ve been looking around, paying attention to experiences others have had when evoking entities into their lives and working with them. I’ve noticed a lot of telltale signs of working with certain entities or demonic gatekeepers that people share with their experiences of working with them. I’ve also noticed a LOT of similarities in their experiences and the lessons they’ve been taught that I myself and im sure others have encountered without evoking such entities whist still seeing the signs of their presence and ultimately the lessons presented and learned in these experiences. Do these beings often come into people’s lives and express their trials and tribulations without being summoned? I myself have had experiences and lessons that certain entities teach with their signature signs of presence written all over these lessons/trials long before even pursuing the practice of black magic or the thought of working with or the knowledge that they could even be worked with. What is the input of some of you more experienced practitioners? Do you feel these could be coincidental or very real inputs of certain demonic entities being inserted into a life without provocation? And if so, what would be the reason that you think this would happen in the first place?