Demonic Language


I’ve been going through a lot of changes in my life and haven’t been on this site for awhile. You all are a tremendous resource and I appreciate you. One question that has come up in my mind recently relates to demonic? tongues…

When I wax spiritual I slip into another language entirely and don’t know what I am saying. I have noted that others who have contacted demons have been given invocations in a language other than their own. I only did a little preliminary searching but I’m not seeing much of anything on the subject. Anyone out there with some general “rules of thumb” related to this and some resources that you could point out to me?

Thank you in advance!



That’s ok. It’s the sounds that are important. The vibrations carry your intention.

The trick is to let the sounds bubble up through your unconscious or subconscious mind while focusing on your intention.

You can begin to build a library of powerful sounds by just randomly intoning different consonant and vowel combinations and see what you feel when you intone that particular sound.

As for resources, I’ve learned everything from experimentation and talking with the spirits. This is still a pretty new area for me, but it’s quickly become a potent tool.

Hint: There’s also power in coming up with a powerful sounding phrase and then telling people it means something specific in a demonic language. Could you be allowing other people to empower your mantra that way? Valkarath looks all innocent and shuffles his feet.


It could be an old language. E.A. Koetting had a similar experience with both hearing and writing from many demons as well as angels, and found that it was an ancient language, the symbols of which he received accurate to the writing. Here’s his video where he talks about it.

That might help you a bit but that’s all I can recommend, other than it’s probably a good idea to pay attention to it. Research it if you feel the need to.


Hey @Tami1210! I can offer some experience from my RHP days with Christianity. If you are familiar with it, they have this experience called “speaking in tongues”. It’s pretty much the same thing you described but you are supposed to be receiving it from “the Holy Spirit” almost like a form of possession. But what I’ve come to realize is that the "holy spirit " doesn’t say anything through you. It’s your Godself doing that. That is what makes it extremely powerful. You are supposed to not know what you are saying. As many times as I did it back then I could have been saying "black people taste like fried chicken " for all I know lol. But my point is that it’s the same concept with demonic languages: since your Godself is omnipotent (capable of speaking any language be it demonic, angelic, etc) you just "wax spiritual " and let your Godself speak through you and what comes out comes out.

I hope that helps. :smiley:


This happens to me as well sometimes, it can be useful to write things down is possible then stick them in Google translate leaving it as “detect” language - while it won’t understand things like Nabataean :smiley: it does sometimes find a word that means the same across several different languages.

I guess my advice would be, don’t fear it, it’s a reasonably common phenomenon (I should add it to the list!) and often gives you words or phrases of power.

Sometimes, years later, I found out what mine meant, and they blew me away! (In a GOOD way! :smiley: )


Thanks to all of you! I really appreciate your experienced and thoughtful replies. Much food for thought here… : )