Demonic Language Translating

Does anyone know of a good transltor app or website I can use to translate the Demonic language into English? I have been searching for over an hour online and I am struggling to find a decent and concise translator. Many thanks in advance.

If you’re talking about the demonic enns, S. Connolly has a section in her book ‘The Complete Book of Demonolatry’ with translations.


Enns and some of the words used during ritual. I have just transcribed an hymn for Bael and it has some demonic language embedded in it. I want to kearn the Demonic language so I can create more sacred and pitent rituals. Thanks for your advice. I shall check that out

Thw dark lirds have a language of demonic origen well up to you. U can ask Beelzebub togive uknwlge.

I will be starting a pathworking with Bael and I found an hymn dedicated to him and I want know what I am saying when I invoke him

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May I see it? :slightly_smiling_face: my succubus wife wants to give it a shot :slightly_smiling_face:

These are some of the demonic language embedded in the hymn dedicated to Bael.

I first found this opening of an invocation (I think that’s what is)

Isthal laht isthal Namah Sonomah

Demonic text in the hymn:

  1. Eeschma’eeschma Bael
  2. Eeschma hal eeschma Bael kaz’antza kalu Bael’ee’us
  3. Eeschma kar’za’tsa
  4. Kar’zan’tza kal’mantu hal’esh Baelus
  5. Bael vael vaelus
  6. E’hara’ehara’ehara
  7. Kal’esh kalza’mu intzera saba kalu kal esh Bael

Thank your beautiful succubus wife for helping me with this translation. Infernal blessings to you and her :metal:

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She says that she is not so sure that the text is demonic. According to her, the important part is the number 7, Kal’esh kalza’mu intzera.

Ishtal is that of Isthar
laht is that of France, the Eiffel Tower
Namah is that of the ruler of Nahemoth
Sonomah is that of a monkey who woships

  1. Eeschma is that of bugs
  2. Hail is tha of hail, but also of that bald guy in “Breaking Bad”, kaz’antza is that of verse
    I:21 With the God & the Adorer I am nothing: they do not see me. They are as upon the earth; I am Heaven, and there is no other God than me, and my lord Hadit.
    from Liber AL, ee’us is that of Latin eius
  3. kar’za’tsa is that of a lake where there is ghost people in a ghost stadium, kal’mantu is that of a poisonous big nasty animal of the sea that gives a nasty feeling but doesn’t look nasty, much like a giant manta ray, grey with black and some purple, with tube like eyes,
  4. Kar’zan’tza is more like the call of a wife, hal’esh is that of a hailing but in the desert
    5.vael vaelus is that of authority
    6.E’hara is that of the fairy of porclain skin in the forest of gree leaves with the sun coming between the leaves, and she is melancholic. Her skin is grey, she wears blue or purple eye makeup, and her eyes are all black and her hair is orange or culturally red
  5. Kal’esh kalza’mu intzera it is like the verse of Liber AL shown above, but much more intense, a crown of flowers put in the head of the wife of Bael, saba kalu kal esh is that of the forest, where there is a little river, without much water, but the water looks clear, there is a litte stairs in the river, and there is what looks like a exit from which the light shines golden and a little white with a young blonde tan woman in a white dress, looking to the floor and playing with some blue creature that has the head like a drop of liquid

End of the channeling

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Thank you so much. Thank your beautiful and amazing succubus wife for helping me with this translation. Those texts I sent you were embedded in Bael’s hymn. So would I be right in thinking it was poetry and memories from Bael? So I won’t need to omit any of the text in Bael’s hymn when I invoke him?

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If you interpret what my wife told you along with the overall hymn and the operations you want to perform, you will have a full meaning

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I will do that and thank you both for helping me with this. Infernal blessings to you both :metal:

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How I have interpreted some of that text is that the bugs of Bael are seen as he remains unseen. However he is still revered as a powerful god. He has memories of his wife near a forest and lake where they spent time together, but now the bugs of Bael are found at the lake were the dead reside.

So from that he has a close connection with Beelzebub.

It is believed by some people that Bael and Beelzebub are the same guy

This what I am thinking due to the bug connection. However why are they seen as two separate gatekeepers? Can you have aspects of a demon as a gatekeeper?

I don’t work with the gatekeeper lore, so I don’t know

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The mantra ini i shi- shi_shi ichi _chi.can open u senses to more knwlge, yeah look japenese but maybe the channeling member can tell more,